Your Style to Paper: How I Take Your Style and Turn It Into a Wedding Invitation

I was reading through some reviews the other day and one statement stuck out to me.

“I didn’t even know what I wanted, but I felt she did.”

It’s true sometimes. When we talk at your first consultation, you’re telling me about what you envision your wedding to be. I ask questions, take notes and then honestly, things start falling into place for me. Are you traditional? Tell me about your florals. Where is the wedding at?

All these questions point me in a direction for your design. Take a look at my notes from an actual consultation:

Looks like a hot mess. But let me walk you through a few things.

Your Venue Tells Me Your Style

Where you’re getting married tells me a lot. In the case of Alicia and Aaron, their wedding was at a church in Midtown Omaha (Presbyterian) and the reception was at The Paxton. I haven’t been to this church, but I have been to the Paxton. And it’s gorgeous. It’s classic and has a vibe of Art Deco meets the 1950s. That points me in the direction of style and colors (noted: Art Deco vibe)

Your Wedding Colors

When you say what colors you’re incorporating into your wedding, my brain makes a quick direction shift. Black, gold and burgundy? Oh yes…moody and dark. Maybe bringing in an autumn vibe (noted: October wedding). If a couple tells me neutral colors with just a lot of white and creams…then my mind really goes in the opposite direction. We’re keeping things clean, simple.

Traditional or Modern Invitations

This is a pretty normal question I ask. And for obvious reasons. Traditional tells me how I’m going to lay out the invitation. Also fonts I’m going to choose. I will refer to “churchy” fonts once in awhile and find out if the couple is THAT traditional. Modern tells me I can play with the layout more and use more san serif fonts.

Other Invitations

Through my website or Instagram, couples will often show me invitations they like. In Alicia and Aaron’s case, they liked Kaitlin & Paxton’s invitations which makes total sense since her invitations were black, dark and moody. She also like Kasey & Tony’s invitations which tells me traditional in the layout.

The result? See below. These turned out amazing. Traditional style for sure. We kept a lot of the white space which put it more on the “simple” tone I noted during our consult. Gold foil is something you can’t NOT do if you want to bring in gold. The burgundy envelopes with floral print envelope liner is a key element to make these unique. That touch made me think that the Paxton was a perfect spot for their reception.

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