When to Send Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations

When do you send Save the Dates and wedding invitations for your upcoming wedding?

It’s one of my most asked questions and I often bring it up before it’s even asked. Your wedding is a big date on the calendar and you want your guests to know about it, but how soon is too soon? Or not soon enough?

Save the Dates – When to Send

Save the Dates are typically sent 6 to 9 months before your wedding. This is plenty of time for your guests to get that date on their calendar not let other obligations get there first.

The only time, in my opinion, is a good time to break this timeline rule is for destination weddings. If you’re planning a destination wedding where all your guests will be booking flights, etc…move that timeline up a touch. For destination weddings, I recommend 12 to 9 months prior to your wedding.

As much as I love Save the Dates, keep in mind, they are not one hundred percent necessary. If your wedding is closing in on that 6 month mark and you haven’t sent Save the Dates, don’t fret. I often advise to use that money you woulda spent on Save the Dates and put it towards your invitations to make those just a little nicer.

Wedding Invitations – When to Send

Wedding invitations are necessary. They are needed not only for that ever-important wedding date, but they give your guests so much more information about your big day.

Wedding invitations are sent 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding day. Or for easy math, 2 months before your wedding.

I like to book couples no later than 4 months prior to wedding date. That gives us time to plan, design and produce your wedding invites so we make that 8 week deadline. If you’re cutting it close, make sure to check out my semi-custom shop for invitations that can be produced quickly for you.

How soon is too soon?

Can you send wedding invitations too soon? The answer is yes.

As excited as you are to get invitations out to your guests, sending them too soon can backfire. Ask anyone who has planned a wedding and they’ll tell you the challenge of getting guests to RSVP period. And if they’re getting your invitation 4 months prior to your wedding, the likelihood of getting their response goes down significantly.

People won’t commit to an event that is 4 months away. They just don’t know what they’ll be doing! Just think about it. If you get an invitation in January for an event in April, you just haven’t thought that far into the future. You’re going to set that invitation aside and forget about it.

So it is recommended that you stick to the timeline when it comes to putting your Save the Dates and wedding invitations in the mail!

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