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If you’ve visited Mr. Google with the search of “invitations” you probably did what most newly engaged couples do.

Freak out.

Could there BE more options out there? (that’s in my best Chandler Bing voice) The word overwhelmed doesn’t even do it justice.

And do you want to know something else?

None of those invitations online were designed for you. Or your wedding. Or your style.

It's time to stop the endless scrolling.

You can have invitations that were designed for you.
For your wedding. With your style at the core.

But wait, how does this happen? Five easy steps to create invitations you love:


What's your style?

I want to know more about your wedding. I want to hear about the colors and style you’re going for.
Through a quick call, I can get to know your style and you as well. Which in my opinion, is the most important part. We’re designing paper but we’re also going to be working together through an amazing, yet stressful event.


Let's make it official.

I’ll send you a custom proposal with three options to create beautiful invitations for your big day. You pick what works best for you, your budget and your paper dreams.

And when you accept that proposal, we become best friends. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But we’re going to work like a well-oiled machine to create some pretty things.


Getting to work.

I design four different invitation designs based on our conversation about your style and what you want in your wedding invites. That’s when I need your feedback. Like the monogram on one but want to pair it with the font on another?  Add a border? With custom design, you get unlimited changes, so we’ll make sure it’s exactly what YOU love.


Let the magic happen.

When we have all the invitation elements designed, it’s time for production. And that’s when I let my production elves do the work. When I say production elves, I mean printers I love, have vetted out and trust with my own children. It means vendors who provide top-notch paper, ribbon, wax…all the things.


It's official.

When you get your invitations, they will be exactly what you want. (Because you told me exactly what you want). And they’ll be the first official kickoff to the wedding that is happening. It’s happening!

Did I mention you’re not done with me then? Oh no. I’m your designer. So when it comes times for those ceremony programs or place cards or 7′ acrylic seating chart your planner wants to hang from the ceiling…I’m in.


Couples who design custom invitations with me dedicate about $2500 to their invitation suite. A quick, 30 minute call will allow me to put together packages that best suit you.

“All of her work is perfect and she's just a really good person all-around! She's creative, but still wants to do what you like the best.”

– Samantha, 2021 Bride


What makes me different?

I am so glad you asked.


You’ve never done this before. And rightfully so, you don’t know what to expect. Rest assured, after creating invitations for over 600 couples, I know how to guide you and make the experience enjoyable and seamless from start to finish. I genuinely care, which is why you can always rely on me to give you a prompt and warm response and clear communication throughout.


While many designers may only stick to one style or what they envision for a suite, I center my designs around you and what you want. Your invitations are the exciting announcement and first impression of what your guests can expect. So, of course, you want to make sure they are special and unique to you.


You want everything to look and feel great together, which is why I’ll collaborate with you (and your planner) to create a cohesive collection composed of everything you need. From your beautifully styled suite to elements like place cards and menus, I’ll create an intentional and functional collection for you.

"I was amazed how easily she was able to interpret all of the crazy thoughts and ideas in our heads and produce a suite of products that completely exceeded our expectations."

– Reagan, 2021 Bride

Ready for some beautiful invitations?


With custom invitations, we create perfect invitations from scratch based off your wedding style.

Couples who design custom invitations with me dedicate about $2500 to their invitation package. A quick, 30 minute call will allow me to put together packages that best suit you.


Each design tells a story.

And I know it from start to finish. Each one is beautiful and unique.

If you think we're a good fit...

please look at my calendar and find time for a consultation.

Couples who design custom invitations with me dedicate about $2500 to their invitation suite. A quick, 30 minute call will allow me to put together packages that best suit you.

"From our first meeting to the week of our wedding she was attentive and always there to make sure our invitations and seating chart were perfect."

– Kaitlin, 2020 Bride


Never be afraid to email me. That’s the best way to get ahold of me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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