Your Wedding Iowa Bridal Forum

I was so happy to be back in Des Moines for the Your Wedding Iowa Bridal Forum on Sunday.  I love meeting with couples, hearing their wedding style, wedding date and setting up times to chat even more in-depth about what we can design for their wedding invitations.

As always, here are a few things that stood out to me yesterday from these Iowa couples:

  • Big Weddings!  I had a handful of brides asking for pricing for over 250 invitations (yes, invitations!).
  • Navy and gold.  Trends are on point in Des Moines.
  • 2017 brides were out in full force.  And a 2018 bride…the ultimate planner!

My booth space looked fabulous once again thanks to my fantastic husband who braved super cold temps to haul everything into the West Des Moines Sheraton and set up my booth even before the family was out of bed Sunday morning.  This is the first time since moving back to Omaha that I did an Iowa show, so my family were troopers to pack up and spend the weekend in a hotel room and find something to do on a Sunday afternoon (great day for a movie!)

If I had the pleasure to chat with you yesterday, let’s follow up with a free invitation consultation!  I’d love to hear more about your wedding style and how we can make that come to life through your wedding invites.  Summer 2016 couples…contact me NOW!  I’m getting limited on time and bookings.

IMG_7492On the road!  It was probably the coldest weekend of the year, but we loaded up and headed East.

IMG_7497My fantastic crew!  They packed up, loaded up, unloaded, set up and hauled it back home for me.  And got to see The Good Dinosaur somewhere in that time too.

IMG_7499My booth looked great once again.  Thanks to Bella Flora for the awesome flowers!

IMG_7500 IMG_7501 IMG_7502

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