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for a lifetime

You’ve been saving inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest for years, and now you finally get to sort through your ideas. And you deserve someone who will get excited with you! While many designers may only stick to one style or what they envision for a suite, I center my designs around you and what you want. And with over a decade of experience, there’s nothing I won’t do – and do well for you! If you wish to wrap your invitations in velvet or have your cat illustrated on your cocktail napkins (and your aunt says you’re crazy), I’m here to be crazy with you! I’m happy to show you the possibilities and make them come true.

Custom vs. Semi-Custom

Custom Invitations

Instead of spending time trying to find something close to what you’re looking for, why not have something special created just for you? I’ll start by learning about you, listening to your ideas, and creating design options around your vision. Wanna start your wedding by creating excitement for your guests? Then let’s talk custom invitations.

investment starts at $1500

semi-custom invitations

I’ve had so many couples tell me, “I want this design that I saw on your Instagram.” Fantastic! Then you’re a candidate for my semi-custom design line. Or if you know you want to work with a real human being, but maybe custom isn’t up your alley, then take a look at any of my previous designs and let’s make it amazing for your wedding day.

investment starts at $800



It’s helping couples navigate through all the paper associated with a wedding. It’s the moments when couples realize that I can create that perfect invitation based off your words. That’s what keeps me going.

What couples are saying...

"Invitations was one of the items I was most excited about and was worried I would not find the right vendor. Dana alleviated that pretty quickly!"‚Äč
Grace & Gus
2021 Wedding
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