Wedding Invitation Envelope Printing: the Ultimate Wedding Time Saver

Wanna save time planning your wedding? Wanna save time sending out your invitations? Then I have the ultimate time saver for you: printing on your wedding invitation envelopes.

This is hands-down the most purchased upgrade my couples add on to their wedding invitation package? Why? A few reasons:

  1. Time Saver
    Like I said, MAJOR time saver. When you send me your guest list, have me lay out all your guests on the envelopes and just give me the nod to print them, you won’t have to worry about writing them or any of the hassle.
  2. It looks amazing
    Unless you’re a calligrapher or know a calligrapher or want to pay a calligrapher, your handwriting probably isn’t fantastic. At least not fantastic enough for your wedding invitations. What I love about printing on envelopes is the fact that I’m using the same fonts we did for your invitations, so it’s all consistent. Happy heart.
  3. No writing or labels
    The time it would take to write all your guest addresses + return address is A LOT. Save your hand! And are you thinking about labels? Let me be the first to tell you that your wedding invites should not be in the same category as the bills or neighborhood newsletters your guests are receiving in the mail. Labels are great for business needs, but not for social or event purposes. Put down the Avery labels. Please. Put them down.

So when we talk about designing your amazing wedding invitations, I will always include envelope printing on your estimate. Highly consider this upgrade to save yourself time and a lot of headache down the road.

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