Wedding Day Signs You Need for your Wedding Day

Wedding day signs are something that you may not think about when you’re planning your wedding. The big paper stuff — Save the Dates, invitations and programs — are always on top of most couples’ lists, but the little things like wedding day signs are the things that help make your wedding a big more personalized (and helpful for your guests).

Let’s dive into the most popular wedding signs I create for my couples so you can add these to your planning list now (and if you don’t think about these until the last minute, that’s fine too…we can still get them in the mix of your wedding day items).

Wedding Day Signs you Need for your Wedding Day

Bar Menu

For a hosted bar, let your guests know what is hosted and the brands of alcohol or soda available. If you are doing a cash bar, let your guests know what is available and the costs.

In Memory

There are many great ways to honor lost loved ones on your wedding day. Consider a sign or multiple signs honoring these loved ones with their names or just a general statement of memory.

Cake Flavors

If you have a variety of cake flavors available at your cake table, let your guests know the flavors so they can dive into their favorites!

Hashtag Signs

If you’re doing a wedding hashtag, let people know what it is and how to use it! Tell them your hashtag and what social media you suggest using it on.

Signature Drinks

A fun trend right now is creating signature drinks for your wedding reception. These drinks can be your favorites that you want to share with your guests.

No Photos/Cameras

You don’t want your aunt’s ipad in the background of you walking down the aisle because she wants to get a photo of you. Let your guests know to truly just enjoy the wedding and shut off/put down their cameras/phones. This allows your photographer to do their job.

Timeline Sign

I love creating these fun timeline signs. It tells your guests what is going on at your reception and what they can expect that night. My type A personality thinks this sign is a must!

Welcome Sign

Consider a nice welcome sign as your guests come into the church or reception. Your guests will know for sure if they’re in the right spot.

Guest Book

If you’re having a guest book, remind guests to sign it! If you’re doing doing a book but something else unique, it’s good to have a sign to tell your guests what they need to do.

Reserved Sign

Are you reserving a few tables for family at your reception? Then let’s create a couple of “reserved” signs so no other guests take these spots.

Restroom Signs

A fun details is to provide your guests toiletries in the restroom at your reception. Think mints, gum, small perfume, etc so they can freshen up in the bathroom. A fun sign can point out this fun surprise.

Have any more? Comment below and let me know what signs you’ve seen that you’d like to add to the list!

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wedding signs, reception signs, wedding signage, signature drink sign, welcome wedding sign, dana Osborne design, Omaha, midwest, affordable

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