Top 10 Questions about Wedding Invitations – No. 5-7

Welcome to the second post in my blog series about the top 10 questions I get about wedding invitations. So why wait? Let’s jump to numbers seven through five.

7. Does everyone get a plus one?

Simple answer to this one: No. Just because you’re inviting someone who does not have a significant other does not mean it’s mandatory that they get the option to bring a guest to your wedding. If you’re having a wedding where A) you want to know everyone there to keep it small and intimate or B) don’t have a lot of room for guests, an extra one guest can make a difference.

I use this example a lot when it comes to a 20-something aged cousin. Do you want your cousin there? Yes. Do you want him to bring someone he started dating last week? No. So just inviting him to your wedding is just fine.

6. Should I put attire on the details card?

If what your guests wear to your wedding is important to you, then yes…please put attire on the details card with your wedding invitations. Being in the Midwest, I do talk to a lot of couples who have the same basic concern: I don’t want people to wear jeans to my wedding. Their wedding is a more formal affair. There are many weddings in the Midwest that maybe take place at a barn, or outdoors or right during harvest season (I’m looking at you, farm community)…and if that is the vibe of your wedding or you just don’t care, that’s great! But if you do and if you want people to dress more formal to your wedding, then let them know that. Because if not, jeans may appear.

5. Do I need to have a mail-back RSVP card or can it all be online?

Traditional wedding invitations are accompanied by an RSVP card and small envelope to put it in to mail it back to the couple with your response. And today, this is still the most traditional way to RSVP. BUT…with changes in technology comes changes in almost everything including how to RSVP to a wedding. If you want to stay formal, mail-back RSVP is still the way to go.

But, if you’re leaning a bit away from that, there are two ways to get responses.

  1. Website RSVP
    Many websites that allow you to build wedding websites also have an option for an online RSVP area. You give people the address to your wedding website and encourage people to RSVP there.
  2. QR Code
    Like above, you build your wedding website with a RSVP online option. Then create a QR Code to put on a card with your wedding invitations, for people to scan which takes them to your RSVP section of your website.

Both of these ways are for the technology friendly guest. So make sure to check out your guest list to see if doing an RSVP online makes sense for your guests. If you’re doing a small wedding with a lot of family and friends, this could make sense. If a majority of your guests are not as tech savvy, then lean towards a traditional way to RSVP.

Want more tips about RSVPing? Check out a previous post of mine about what is needed on your RSVPs.

Watch for the final four questions I get when it comes to wedding invitations soon on my blog!

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