Top 10 Questions about Wedding Invitations – No. 8-10

I’ve been designing wedding invitations for over ten years and yes, I do get a lot of the same questions. But, this is (probably) the first wedding you’ve planned. Because of that, I do get a lot of the same questions.

I have compiled a list of the Top 10 questions I get about wedding invitations and made a blog series about it. So check out questions number ten through eight that I receive.

10. I’m not inviting everyone to the ceremony. How do I do that?

If you’re doing a smaller ceremony with just family and close friends, and then inviting more to the reception, we create two versions of your invitation. For me, we will go through the same design process to come up with the design you love. And when that is set, I’ll create a second version of that invitation with different wording. People invited to the ceremony will get that information, and then people invited to just the reception will get that information on the actual invitation. We’ll tell them that you were married earlier and you’re inviting them to come celebrate. I have great verbiage for this and I’m happy to walk you through it!

9. Does everyone need to get a Save the Date?

Since Save the Dates go out months before your invitations, you may not have your guest list solid by that time. And that’s okay. All guests do not NEED a Save the Date. It’s a nice perk so they know when your wedding is, but it’s not necessary.

What you want to make sure of is that if you send a guest a Save the Date, you also send them an invitation. You’re “pre-inviting” a guest to your wedding with a Save the Date, so don’t uninvite them!

8. Do I need a double envelope?

If you’re asking yourself, “what’s a double envelope?” you’re not alone. Two envelopes for your invitation is a very traditional and classic thing that was once seen as a necessity. But, like many things in the wedding world, things have changed. The double envelope is to help clarify who exactly was invited to the wedding. The outer envelope has the mailing address on it (Mr. and Mrs. John Smith) and the inner envelope clarified who in that family is invited (John, Sally, Sue and Tyler).

Again, it’s very traditional and I do create these a few times a year. But, one envelope is almost the standard anymore. We will address the envelope to whoever is invited (Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and family) and we can get creative on the RSVP to clarify the number of people invited.

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