Three Reasons To Avoid “Big Box” Invitation Websites for your Wedding Invitations

I know I can’t compete with them. The “big box” wedding invitation websites out there. You know who I’m talking about. And when I say I can’t compete…I can’t compete on one thing: PRICE. $1/invitation plus free envelope printing they have out there? Sorry. No price matching. I can’t beat the “save 20% right now” offers. It’s just not part of my business plan.

And I’m not going to. Why? Because I’m a one-woman show small business owner who is doing what she loves. I’m not a multi-million dollar marketing budget corporation. If I can’t compete on price alone, what can I compete against?

I’m glad you asked. I have three reasons why you should pick a real human being to help you with wedding invitations vs. the “big box” invitation websites out there

Three Reasons to Avoid “Big Box” invitation websites for your wedding invitations

1. You Don’t Work with a Human

Big Box websites are like most big online eCommerce sites. You get lots of options. You walk yourself through those options. And if you have questions, you maybe have a chat box you can use. But what about questions on invitation wording? I mean, should you put your step-mom on the invitation? Do I need zip code on the address? Those questions will be google search after blog post search.

When you work with a designer, you work with one person who knows those answers. I’ve seen almost every situation and I’m so happy to walk you through options on upgrades, etiquette, wording and guest list problems. And if something is wrong…I fix it. No questions asked. Humans are nice for that.

2. Too Many Options

It sounds a little weird, but sometimes too many options is a bad thing. You know what you want your wedding style to be. And when you get to an online wedding invitation website, they give you options for ANY wedding style. You end up in the endless scroll of wedding invitations that kinda start looking all the same after awhile.

The best thing about working with a designer is that we can take your style and then design. Kinda backwards from that endless scrolling. Invitations are then narrowed down to just a few designs based on your feedback to begin with.

3. You Get What You Get

Wanna add a bible verse at the top of your invitations? Want to change the green tone of the greenery accent on the details card? Need a map that includes not only your reception but hotels (and maybe your favorite restaurant close by)? These are all custom items you can add if you’re working with a wedding invitation designer.

With the Big Box websites, as I tell my kids, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. Very limited can be customized. And if you want a matching Welcome sign that coordinates, you can forget about it.

Check out how I work with my clients and how I create custom invitations for your wedding.

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