What to expect when you hire an invitation designer

You finally got the ring from the person you know as your best friend. You’re in 100% wedding planning mode.  You have booked the venues and have already thought about the day you try on wedding dresses (what am I kidding…you’ve thought about that day your entire life!).  You check back on your Wedding Pinterest board and realize you need to separate that into distinct planning sections (dress, cake, decor, etc).  And as you browse Pinterest almost daily, you realize…I need someone to help me with some of this stuff.

Does that sound like you?  If so, you’re the perfect bride to hire a designer like myself.  You know what you want.  You know your style.  You can make decisions once you see the amazing options in front of you.  That’s you.  And if that’s you, you’re the couple I want to work with.

I get so lucky to work with so many great brides and grooms over the 10 years I’ve been working with client and couples.  And there are a few traits of these couples that make things easy.  Our expectations align.  So I wanted to jot those down to my easy list of :

1. Trust me.  Easier said then done, right?  I mean, you have your binder and timeline and shouldn’t we be staring to design my invitations for my November wedding in April?  I mean, that’s what the timeline says!

Slow down.  I got ya.  And that’s trust.  I will make sure your invitations are in your hands before you need to put them in the mail (which is usually 2 months before your wedding day, unless we talked differently).  I would lie to you if I didn’t sweat some timelines myself.  But then that’s on me and I’ll rush ship or print things to get them into your hands in time.  I promise or I’ll make it right some other way.

2. Let me show you some new things. Pinterest has given us a world of beautiful things at our fingertips.  I get many photos shown to me for inspiration, which I love!  Here’s the thing…some designs aren’t meant for you.  I had a bride once who wanted a monogram like the one she showed me.  Wonderful!  I love monograms.  But her name started with a B, and her future husband’s name started with a J…and I don’t want their wedding invitations to have a monogram on them that also refers to anything that would make your grandma blush. 

So I was able to show her a few different things that would work and she ended up loving our creation even more.  So don’t be afraid to see something different. 

3. Communicate with me.  I say this in my Wedding Invitation Guide I send out to couples when they book with me: be honest with me.  I’m designing for YOU….YOU need to like what I do.  If you don’t like something, tell me.  You are not hurting my feelings. 

I have developed some very thick skin to criticism of my work over the years.  I do not take it to heart.  My heart would hurt more if we get everything printed and done and you tell me you didn’t really love it.  UGH!  Then tell me that before we’re done!  We’ll keep working on everything!

4. We can do anything together.  I’ve gotten this line lately: “So you’re like a one stop shop?”  Uh, yes.  But that sounds bad in marketing so I don’t ever say that.  But I can design anything for your wedding day and I’ll make sure we’re staying consistent on the look and style we created.   I love new ideas so if you have something crazy or unique or just want to know if I can help you with something, let me know!  I’d say 95% of the time I will say COUNT ME IN to your idea.

So those are just a few things to keep in mind when you hire an invitation designer.  Looking back at my points, those are also good points for your upcoming marriage too.  Kinda fun connection, huh?


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Want Glitter? We Got Glitter for this Country Glitter Clive, Iowa Wedding

Ashley & Joe  |  Clive, Iowa  |  dSy invitations

It’s always a sad realization when I never get to meet a bride face-to-face.  Don’t get me wrong.  Not seeing a couple doesn’t affect how I design or creating nothing-less-than-perfect invitations.  And it hit me the day I sent Ashley’s ceremony programs to print that I’ve never met her!  But we worked so well together.  And I wished nothing but the best for her and Joseph’s September wedding in Clive, Iowa.

I love showing her invitations off to a couple.  Because there is a WOW factor when you open the envelope.  Glitter gold envelope liners.  Probably my favorite part.  With gold glitter belly bands.  Yes, please!

Her navy double layer invitations had to be the talk of her wedding guests.  I’ve done nothing like these before.  I love the small blush accents throughout.  Just a touch of that beautiful color!

And Save the Date postcards!  It’s easy to show off such a cute couple!

Take a moment to take in their wedding day.  It’s country….it’s gorgeous.  And I would have to think, it was an amazing day for Ashley & Joe!

Congrats to this fabulous couple!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Marie Photography.

Gold Foil Classic Invitation Defines St. Vincent de Paul Omaha Wedding

Andra & Connor  |  Omaha, Nebraska  |  dSy invitations

I meet a bride who knows exactly what she wants a few times a year.  I mean, don’t get me wrong.  The couples I usually meet with have a good idea of what they want.  But then there is Andra.  I still remember the day I met with her.  She had her style down pat.  And when it came to designing it, she had me double and triple check font sizes.  As a designer, I don’t encourage that, but I do appreciate it.  What we designed for her Omaha, Nebraska wedding at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, nothing less than stellar.

It’s the first one I currently grab when I meet with a couple who wants something classic.  I’ve had brides want to recreate it in their own colors or just sit in aww at it’s pure beauty.

From the photos from the talented Wyn Wiley of Andra and Connor’s wedding day, it looked as amazing as she described it to be.

Not only invitations, but we designed ceremony programs, welcome cards for her hotel guest welcome bags, menus, placecards and a large welcome sign.

I loved all these pieces!

Congrats to this wonderful couple!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Ceremony Location: St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
Reception Location: Omaha Country Club
Photographer: Wyn Wiley
Dress: Ready or Knot
Tuxes/Suits: Jerry Ryan
Florist: Flowers for Special Occasions
Videographer: Complete Video
Music: Eckophonic
Makeup: Kiss and Makeup
Hair: Wedding Specialist Katie P




Classic, purple draped Urbandale, Iowa wedding

There is something about working with brides from Iowa that I just love.  Maybe it’s the air a bit more East of Omaha or maybe it’s that I can venture out and discover new venues.  Whatever it is, Becca and Kyle fit into the category of a couple that I loved to work with.

Becca and I started talking via email because her friend Ellen referred me to her.  Becca trusted me with her Save the Dates before she even met me.

And when we met, I got to know even more about their wedding, their style and how this fabulous look was going to fall into place.  Which on my end for invitations, they did.  We created this elegant purple and black wedding invitation for the big day.  From there came ceremony programs, the rehearsal dinner invite and afterward, cute Thank You notes with several photos from their wedding day. (love these).

Check out some shots from their big day from Katie Evans Photography and of course a highlight video from SJ Film Productions.

Becca + Kyle  |  July 30, 2016
Des Moines, Iowa
Ceremony Location: St. Pius X Catholic Church
Reception Location: Iowa Events Center
Photographer: Katie Evans Photography
Dress: Perry Bridal
Tuxes/Suits: Halberstads
Florist: The English Rose
Cake: Hy-Vee Waukee
Videographer: SJ Film Productions
DJ/Music: Black Tie Beats
Makeup: Hannah (Serenity Aveda)
Hair: Mia Weber Bridal

fullsizerender img_9478medium 13923783_1034863249961622_7299413216738952654_o 13920388_1034862533295027_6854049255588341631_o 13679935_1034863043294976_4029907370145958169_o 13669489_1034862839961663_8425115335799125955_o 13668662_1034862403295040_4370051253873748459_o13641003_1034862723295008_7350908472089696946_o 13653307_1034862929961654_2056138139535834890_o




Paper Airplane Ceremony Program

paper airplane wedding program, wedding ceremony programs, Dana Osborne Design, airplane programsThis piece sums up so much of what I do.  Want to create it?  Great.  Let’s do it.

For Julie and Matt, we created an amazing airplane ticket invitation (gonna blog about their wedding soon…).  I love how it came together and this couple, let me tell you…is nothing but awesome.  They’re down-to-earth, friendly, perfect for each other…I could go on.  Anyways, with their wedding reception at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, Nebraska, we had to keep the airplane look going, right?

When we met and talked about their ceremony programs, we came up with this great idea of a paper airplane program.  What this was going to look like, I had no idea.  But Matt and Julie trusted me and that’s all I needed.  And the okay from their church that their guests could throw these around after they walked out of the church.  (thank you, church)

After going back and forth on a few looks, getting ALL the info they wanted on here and a final addition of directions on the back, we got it right.  And the paper airplane programs took flight over the newlyweds on May 29, 2016.

I have some great photos of this piece as my print shop loved these pieces as well and wanted to feature them on their website.

Moral of this story…anything can be done.  I am so proud to have designed this for Matt and Julie. And I hope that in the future, when they see a paper airplane, they remember their vows and their love for each other.

category-wedding-printing-project-spotlight-background-image project-spot-wedding-printing-folding project-spot-wedding-printing-paper-stock project-spot-wedding-printing-printing project-spotlight-toggle-feature-img-wedding-invitations


Mary + Justin | Omaha, NE | dSy invitations wedding

Currently, Mary & Justin’ style and color combination for their wedding is one of my favorite.  Navy is such a hot color right now but incorporating this color into fall colors through florals is amazing.  And this is seen in their wedding photos.

Mary & Justin wanted something classic for their wedding invitations.  Their ceremony location sets that tone but with the script font on this invite, we were able to give a lighter side of a super classic invitation as well.  We designed a standard package for Mary & Justin and incorporated a monogramed belly band to keep everything together.  We also design ceremony programs which matched everything perfectly.

Congrats to this wonderful couple!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Mary + Justin
October 9, 2015

Ceremony: St. John’s Catholic Church (Creighton Univ. Campus)
Reception: Omar Arts & Events
Photographer: Amanda Kohler Photographer
Dress: Rhylan Lang
Tuxes: Jerry Ryan
Caterer: Eddie’s Catering
Florist: Flowers for Special Occasions
Cake: Cake Box by Chris Janicek
DJ: Showtime Music
Makeup: Blush Makeup Artistry, Christine Danderand
Hair: Stephen’s Salon, Terri & Aimee
Invitations & Stationary: dSy invitations

MaryJustin MJ-496 MJ-160-2 MJ-144-2 Mary7 Mary6 Mary5 Mary4 Mary3 Mary2 Mary8



Andrea + Dan | Omaha Wedding | dSy wedding

There are great couples and there are nice couples.  And then there is Dan and Andrea who take that to a whole other level.  From the moment I met them, I was excited about their wedding.  As if I were invited or was standing up for them…I was just looking forward to being a part of their big day.  They just beamed excitement.  Or maybe that was love.  Whatever it was, I knew this couple was one-of-a-kind.

This couple (and I will use the word couple in this blog post, because I worked with both bride and groom on this one which is my favorite) knew what they wanted from the beginning.  They wanted to visually show exactly who they were….fun, romantic…and wanting to just have a great time with their friends and family on their wedding day.  We accomplished that.

Andrea and Dan’s style was floral romantic and we used a watercolor image of a floral wreath on their invite, as well as their monogram in the center.  This, along with a pink, coral and green color base, was our staple and was brought out throughout each piece. The belly band wrapped invitations showed off their monogram as well and Andrea and Dan loved the icon based timeline I created for their guest information card.  In fact, I’ve reused this timeline a lot for other couples.  We also created ceremony programs (which included fun facts about the couple) and thank you cards as well.

Such a great couple and I loved working with them.  There is no doubt in my mind that “forever” is a definite with these two.  Congrats…wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Check out Dan and Andrea’s wedding video here.  You won’t regret it.

Andrea + Dan
May 24, 2014

Ceremony: Holland Performing Arts Center
Reception: Tip Top Ballroom
Photographer: Christine McGuigan Photography (view blog here…more great photos!)
Florist: Flowers for Special Occasions
Dress: Bridal Traditions
Cake: Lorraine Aurther
DJ: Jamie Stinson
Invitations & Stationary: dSy invitations


danAndreaWedding-289christine_mcguigan_downtown_holland_wedding-33 danAndreaWedding-324 danAndreaWedding-635christine_mcguigan_downtown_holland_wedding-49 danAndreaWedding-846christine_mcguigan_downtown_holland_wedding-51