Seating Chart: Alphabetical or by Table? Here’s my advice.

You want a beautiful seating chart at your wedding so your guests can not only find their table, but a seating chart is always a beautiful welcome piece at a reception.

Things are going good, the RSVPs are (hopefully) rolling in and then you wonder, how should I organize this information?

Alphabetical seating chart or seating chart listed by table number?

If you’re a Pinterest lover (like myself), you probably see a lot of great seating chart designs there. Most, are organized by table. And they look great!

But here is the reality, unless your wedding is small and you have tables with the same number of people at each table, your seating chart will look nothing like the ones on Pinterest.

So here is my suggestion: list your seating chart alphabetically.

And here are my reasons:

  1. Ease for your guests
    Have you ever looked for your names among 300 other names when they’re not listed in any order?

    Pair in a glass of wine in your hand and someone telling you to find your seat, actually finding your seat may be a challenge.

    If you have names in alphabetical order, your guests are going to find their name super easy, super fast.
  2. Look of your seating chart
    I’ve been given seating chart info listed by table in the past. And I’m usually okay with designing one this way, but then I realize something. The couple is doing two king’s tables and about 15 other tables of different sizes, all with different number of people at them.

    What this creates is a crazy puzzle of a seating chart. How does 25 names under one table and 4 names under another table suppose to look good without splitting up the big table?

So when I ask for your seating chart information, I will ask how you want it listed, but I’ll also tell you I HIGHLY suggest we list alphabetically.

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