Saving the USPS – Omaha small business on CNN

What a wild week last week was. I was contacted by CNN to talk about how the USPS delays are effecting my small business. I went from googling this reporter to see if he was legit to seeing my article published that week.

Of course you can read the article right here. But a lot of you have asked, how did you get hooked up with CNN?

Save the USPS  - How the USPS slowdown has effected my small business  - Featured on CNN

Great question.

I met Erin with Her Heartland Soul blog last summer at this AH-MAZE-ING dinner at the Marriott at the Capitol District. We connected and have stayed in touch via Instagram. She reached out to me the beginning of August to see if I would want to talk to her friend, Lily, who works for Public News Service. She is doing an article on the USPS and small businesses. I love helping people out so I said sure!

We had a great conversation and her article was in local newspapers around Nebraska. I was so excited to help bring awareness to this issue. Because it’s an issue.

And out of the blue, Nathaniel from CNN shot me an email a week or so later.

Now, my best friend likes to pull April Fools Day jokes on people She’s ruthless. April Fools Day wasn’t as great this year (COVID) so I did wonder if she was up to something. A quick Google search proved Nathaniel was a real reporter for CNN.

We connected on the phone the next day. He wasn’t for sure if I would fit in the article he was putting together, but he contacted me again later and said I would. We texted a few times that week and all the sudden, his next text was a link to the article.

That was pretty cool.

Thanks for all the congrats on this article. It was something truly unexpected and will be something I remember forever. Thanks to Erin, Lily and Nathaniel for reaching out to make this happen.

And please remember that we NEED the USPS. We need it to function properly, efficiently and consistently. And it needs help to do this. Regardless, please vote this November.

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