Chilly & Gorgeous November Wedding at Roca Ridge Events

You can’t control the weather. Especially in the state of Nebraska. I mean, I can be 80 degree and gorgeous one day, snowing the next. I wish I was making that up.

I’m sure Taylor and Michael didn’t love the weather when they woke up wedding morning, but you can’t tell from the photos that day. Because all I see is the warmth of their love and the wedding of their dreams.

Wedding Party Roca Ridge Events Dana Osborne Design

Taylor and Michael wanted a rustic look to their wedding and we incorporated the beautiful burgundy florals into their pocket wedding invitations. My favorite part of their invitations is not only the gold foil we brought in, but the floral belly band going around the pocket.

We also designed ceremony programs, a timeline chart as well as a hanging menu for their reception. I love these unique pieces that truly made their reception personalized!

Hanging Menu Dana Osborne Design Rustic Menu

Thanks to Elayne Woods Photography for capturing this day perfectly.

Taylor & Michael | 11.3.18 | Roca, Nebraska

Venue: Roca Ridge Events

Photographer: Elayne Woods Photography

Burgundy Roca Ridge Events Wedding Nebraska Dana Osborne Design
Burgundy Fall Wedding Bouquet Dana Osborne Design Roca, Nebraska
Burgundy Florals Bouquets Bridemaids Dana Osborne Design
Shots Wedding Party Roca Nebraska Dana Osborne Design
First Dance Roca, Nebraska Omaha Dana Osborne Design
Timeline Board Wedding Reception Dana Osborne Design
Wedding Reception Roca Ridge Events Dana Osborne Design
Roca Ridge Events Omaha Nebraska Dana Osborne Design
Mid Century Modern Wedding.  Omaha, Nebraska. Invitations by Dana Osborne Design
Mid Century Modern Wedding.  Omaha, Nebraska.  Invitations by Dana Osborne Design

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