The Printer is Hot

Address PrintingI’m getting a bit antsy.

July brides.  Yes you.  You are who I’m working on right now and I feel it’s going well!  But ya’ll are keeping me so busy that I haven’t had a chance to photograph any invitations from my April or May brides!  Maybe today…maybe not.  Fingers crossed I can get some invitations featured soon.

In the meantime, if you’re thinking about wedding invitations or have already booked with me, I gotta make a plug for printing on your mailing envelopes.  I’ve had so many brides ask if I offer this first thing when we meet!  More times than not, the couple hand addressed their Save the Dates.  An aching hand several hours later and lesson was learned.  dSy invitations can print directly on your mailing envelopes with a return address (which I like to do on the back flap) and your guests’ addresses.  You probably already have your guest address list going, so I just need that and we’ll get them printed nicely, matching your invitations, right on your envelope.

No hand-writing PLUS it’ll look 100 times better.  I want to say 85% of my brides at least do some sort of printing on their envelopes.  Because they’re smart, that’s why!

Invitation features are coming soon!  Check back, please.

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