Omaha Idea Show 2015

I was a vendor at the 2015 Omaha Wedding Essentials Idea Show on October 18 at the MidAmerica Center.  And WOW.  I was blown away by the number of couples I talked to.  A few things I learned:

  • October is the HOT MONTH to get married. I chatted with so many October 2016 couples it was crazy!
  • Glitter is in.  ‘Nuf said.
  • The couples I’ve already booked for 2016 are right on the mark when it comes to the styles, colors and ideas for 2016 weddings.  I’m seeing tons of navy, blush, neutrals and gold.  And of course, the mention above (glitter).
  • Omaha is full of amazing wedding vendors.  Everyone came out in full force with their best stuff and I was blown away by the amazing table displays, music, lighting, cake (I tried them all) and floral.  Omaha engaged couples should be happy with the selection they are offered here in Omaha.

Now, for my booth.  I’m so lucky to be married to a guy who can help take my sketch and make it come to life.  We had a booth display I’ve used for the past few years, but with multiple moves and knowing the set up was heavy and a pain in the @$$, we left it in Iowa and wanted to start over for this Fall show.

Here is my first sketch of my booth:

IMG_6944Yep, that’s where all ideas start.  So if you can’t tell, I wanted a big wall with a few shelves, my logo on top and then some bookshelf below.  I also wanted to bring in a furniture piece for the side, but this show didn’t lend itself to that.  So next time.

And here is where we started:

IMG_6796It’s a door.  A 32″ hollow frame door which we purchased from Lowe’s.  My hubby built a “base” which allows the doors to just slide in the top and have screws on the back to screw them in tight and straight up.  Something only a construction mind can think of.

Here are some more photos of my men at work:

IMG_6799Putting latches on the doors so they suck in tight together.

IMG_6798 2My adorable bubs “helping” daddy with his tool set.  Seriously, could that be more adorable?

IMG_6805I ordered this custom logo made out of wood from Woodums on Etsy.  I was super impressed with the quality and the time it took to get to me was unbelievably fast.  I had this before we purchased anything else.  It had a cool wood-burned look to it, but my vision was always to spray it metallic gold.  Which I did.


I painted the doors Aspen Gray (Valspar) and created some shelves for the doors.  The original plan was 6 shelves, but I wanted enough room for my logo and didn’t want to crowd the space.  Quality vs. quantity.  So I went with 4 shelves.IMG_6918

Great brackets my hubby found at Menards.  The shelves slip right in there so we don’t have to unscrew shelves in and out time and time again.IMG_6919

My first Ikea purchase!  WHOO HOO!  I love these bookshelves and they’ll make a great addition to my office area after it’s all done.

A quick glue job for the logo and we loaded up to the show and set up.  Setting up the day before is always nice, but with the new set up, we were in and out in about 25 minutes (with two kids with us….bonus points).  And here is the finished product at the show:

FullSizeRender 4IMG_6923 IMG_6924  IMG_6926 IMG_6927 IMG_6928 IMG_6929

I was so happy and proud of how this came together.  And the compliments at the show…never ending!  Special thanks to All Seasons Floral for making exactly what I needed.  I threw Dana Bean some colors, a height I wanted, and she did amazing.

This is definitely one of the best wedding invitation booths out there, right?  I’d love your feedback!  Next wedding shows: January 2016.  I’ll let you know when and where those will be!

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