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It’s now been officially 5 months since me, my family and my business moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It’s been quite the little transition, but we are getting settled.  We have gone from our home in Omaha, Nebraska, to a rental house in Hiawatha, Iowa and now into our home we purchased in Hiawatha (which is just north of Cedar Rapids…really same thing).  Moving my business wasn’t really what I envisioned for dSy designs and dSy invitations, but I’m making the most of it.  I’m lucky to have amazing clients who never see me nor care where I physically work from (thanks, amazing clients).  And I’m working my way into a new wedding market and getting my name out to engaged couples in this area, as well as Omaha AND Des Moines (why not, it’s half way in between).

The one thing I was promised in this move (note: ONE THING….there were more) is that I get an legit office area.  And that was the main focus when we moved into our house.  I needed a space to make my own and when we were looking at houses, that was a big thing to have.

So here it is. My legit office for dSy designs and dSy invitations!  I’m missing some artwork above the couch in my consultation area (as an artist/graphics person…this is a challenge to find something I like and want there), but other than that, I’m feeling pretty good about things.  I’m wanting to stencil the back of my bookshelves too, but that may be awhile.

The bookshelves are refurbished.  We found both of them on Craigslist for $75 and had them painted white by Fresh Furniture Upcycling in North Liberty, Iowa.  She did a great job.  The desk  is made by my awesome hubby who decided to use this fancy tool I bought him two years ago for Father’s Day.  It worked well.  The lampshade was a steal I got from Target for $7.  Whoo hoo!  On the shelves, I have pieces I bought for storage purposes as well as a gift from a bride who imports special pieces in from India (the plate).  Love that unique item.  The “O est. 2008” was a gift from our neighbors in Omaha.  Custom piece.  I’m sure he’ll take orders! We are still wanting to redo the coffee table to match my desk and again, artwork on the wall.  The couch we found at a local furniture store that is closing, the rug from Garden Ridge and the light and yellow chair/seat are from Joss & Main online.

So there you have it…the new office of dSy designs and dSy invitations.  I’m looking forward to having guests, clients, couples…whoever come and visit!

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