New Years Eve Downtown Omaha Wedding – Love Warms the Record Cold

I’ve always thought a New Years Eve wedding is the perfect holiday for a wedding.  I mean, you want to stay up late and party anyways, right?  So invite your friends, have a wedding and count down to a new beginning of the year.

I was thrilled when my little brother proposed to his girlfriend on New Years Eve 2016.  Under the fireworks of the Gene Leahy Mall in Omaha, he got down on one knee and surprised her.  They thought that holiday worked well for them, so they set their wedding date for NYE 2017.

I gotta admit, they were my toughest customers last year.  Not because of their style or their demands (there weren’t any) or anything like that.  It’s because I wanted these to be as perfect as they could be.  I wanted to grab the style my future sister-in-law had for the big day and articulate it perfectly in their invitation.  This could be more pressure than I’ve ever put on myself to design wedding invitations. 

We created invitations that matched the day perfectly.  A soft dusty blue watercolor invitation with a fun yet elegant script font adorned their invitations.  The invites were wrapped in a beautiful hand dyed gray blue silk ribbon with a light blue envelope. 

What was most fun created for these two were their wedding day pieces.  Not only ceremony programs, but place cards, an acrylic white ink framed welcome sign, stickers for their New Years party hats and horns, champagne labels and tags for their guest bags, stickers and more.  The personalization was so much fun.

Also fun: the entire day.  The truth is, I design for weddings all the time.  But I don’t get to go to many weddings!  (watch it…I may be crashing yours soon) Paige was beautiful.  Just stunning.  I couldn’t have asked for a better sister than I got with Paige. 

My brother…What happened to that goofy 4 year old that would follow me everywhere?  What happened to that kid in the glasses that would visit me in college?  He’s grown up.  And I’m so proud of him. 

Congrats, Paige & JJ.  Thank you for letting me design for your wedding.  It was an honor and I wish nothing but the best for you guys as your life begins together.

photos by 1962 Archive

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