More Than Food! How to Use Wedding Menus at your Reception

When you think of wedding menus, you think of a list of food items that your guests will be served, right? I mean, that’s great and all. But wedding menus don’t have to list food.


Yes, you heard me. Wedding “menus” do not have to just list food. Check out a few different ways that wedding menus can work for you at your wedding reception.

Listing Food Choices

Okay, we’ll get the easy one out of the way. Obviously, menus can be used to list the food items you’re serving at your wedding reception. This is recommended for plated meals and is nice for buffet meals as well. You can give your guests a sneak peek of the food that will be coming to them. Or you give your guests and idea of the food that will be on the buffet line when they get there.

Thank You

Putting food aside, you can use a “menu” to personalize a heartfelt message of thanks to your guests. When each guests sits down, they’ll be greeted with a message from the newly married couple. Take this time to thank them for supporting you and for traveling to the wedding. It’s also a great place to say thanks to parents, as they need a special nod of thanks on wedding day.

Timeline of Events

Probably my favorite thing to put on a menu is a timeline of the evening’s events. I love giving guests a preview of the fun that the reception will bring. If that’s listing when the toasts will be, to when the cake will be cut, to when the late night pizza will be served, guests will stick around knowing what is to come. And if you’re not “on time” during the reception, don’t sweat it! The timeline is an estimate and is more of a list of what is happening at the reception.

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