Jessica & Zach’s Outdoor Pandemic Wedding

I usually don’t blog about wedding invitations so soon after the wedding happens. But since it’s 2020, I think many couples need this story. Jessica & Zach’s June 2020 wasn’t exactly what they envisioned when they started planning it…but I wanted to share the beauty of their wedding day nonetheless.

First, their invitations because it doesn’t matter the date, location or pandemic status, these were beautiful! Jessica wanted simple but beautiful. With just a touch of greenery on these and watercolor map, they were everything we thought they could be.

As the time came to get these printed, there were many questions. The main one – what will this wedding day look like? If only I could design a crystal ball (I need to look into that)! We went ahead and printed the invitations but I told the couple, do not seal those envelopes until you know for sure you’re going forward with this.

Advice I never thought I’d give a couple who were both very excited to get married.

And as things changed in the world, so did their wedding plans. The large crowd at their ceremony couldn’t happen. Their wedding reception at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln, postponed until their first anniversary.

But here is the thing, this date was so important to Jessica & Zach. And getting married is what they wanted to do. And their wedding day was everything it could have been. Bottomline: it was perfect for them.

I asked Jessica, what got you through all of this? Her response:

“…don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of tears and long conversations…But at the end of the day I had to trust that God was doing this for a reason and had a bigger plan in store for us as a couple.”

There are times I ponder how strong my own faith is. And I’m sure I would have been a hot mess in Jessica’s shoes. Her faith though, was as strong as a rock during this time.

“There were two specific things that got me personally through it: giving myself grace and allowing myself to feel emotional; and giving all of my worries and stress to God.”

Enjoy these beautiful photos from Ashley Nicole Photography of Jessica & Zach’s wedding day. These will be some from 2020 I will never forget.

Jessica & Zach
June 6, 2020

Photographer: Ashley Nicole Creative
Rentals: Elite Events Rental & Rachel J Events Rental
Rings: Borsheims & Nebraska Diamond
Jewelry: Olive + Piper
Florals: Avant Garden Floral
Hair: Kontempo
Wedding Gown: Ready or Knot
Alterations: Felicia Couture
Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

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