Iceland Elopement Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Designing for another artist is sometimes intimidating. I want it to be perfect and what they have envisioned. And James Kriha is one amazing artist in the field of videography. So when his fiancé asked me if I would design their wedding invitations, I wanted my A-game in place.

Oh, and the wedding was on a mountaintop in Iceland.


So A-game needed to turn into an A+game.

The invitation we created lined up with the style of James’ video editing as well as their wedding day…moody, dark and mysteriously amazing.

James and Brandi’s wedding day in Iceland was from out of a magazine. In fact, I hope to see their images in a magazine someday because they’re freekin’ amazing.

Thanks to Kaylie Sirek for the amazing photos and thank you to Brandi & James for trusting me to create these beautiful invitations. I can’t wait to see the video soon 🙂

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