How to Remember Loved Ones at Your Wedding

In Memory Ideas for your Wedding Day

Sometimes the people you couldn’t picture your wedding without, won’t be able to be there.

Chances are, they have a front row seat from heaven though.

I believe honoring loved ones who have passed away at your wedding is important.  It’s a great time to remember them and know that they would be there if they could.

Check out these ideas on how you can honor your loved ones on your wedding day.

Lost Loved Ones Wedding Ideas

1. In Memory section in your ceremony program

This is probably the most common way to tell all your family and friends how much the people who have passed mean to you.  You can list each person by name, or just make a general statement about all the loved ones who couldn’t be there. I have come across so many personalized pieces that I have put in programs, so I definitely recommend taking a shot at writing that paragraph yourself.  If that task seems daunting, let me know and I can give you a few paragraphs to choose from.

Ceremony Program Loved Ones Dana Osborne Design

2. In Memory flowers + framed piece

Creating a framed sign and putting it next to a floral arrangement, specifically designed to honor your loved ones, is a great idea.  People can see this piece as they enter in your ceremony or it can be placed on the alter, so it’s front and center.  Make sure to talk to your florist about adding this on your wedding day.

Dana Osborne Design In Memory Sign

3. Photos of Loved Ones

Gather photos of your loved ones and frame them to have at your wedding.  Create a custom sign that state their name, relation or just a general sign of “in memory.”  The collage of photos will be beautiful to see on your wedding day.

Loved Ones Photos Dana Osborne Design

4. Saving a seat

This one tugs at my heart strings.  And I’ve done it a few times for my couples and it’s one of my favorite ways to honor lost loved ones.  These custom signs are set at a seat at your wedding, saving it for them in remembrance of that person.  What a beautiful way to remember someone.

In Memory Save Seat Dana Osborne Design

5. Honorary Attendant

Another way to utilize the program to remember lost loved ones is to put them within your wedding party, as an honorary attendant.  Have a brother, sister or friend who passed away?  What a beautiful way to show that they would be standing up on your wedding day with you.

This couple went one step further and had their friend’s dog part of their wedding party.  He passed way before their wedding day but his dog was always by his side.  Bo was listed in the ceremony program right along the other groomsmen.

groomsmen dog honoring loved ones at wedding

6. Walk Down the Aisle

Want your loved ones to walk down the aisle with you in spirit?  I love the idea of having photos, charms, crucifixes or other moments on your bouquet.  It’s a great way to show honor and provides a personalized detail on your wedding bouquet.

Photos Loved Ones Bouquet

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remember loved ones, in memory, wedding day signs, wedding invitations, dana Osborne design, Omaha, midwest, affordable

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  1. Remembering your loved ones on your wedding day is always an important and emotional thing to consider, as you want them to be right beside you for the ‘big day’. This article mentions some great ways to remember a loved one at your weddings such as honorary attendants and a memory section in the ceremony program. Memorial jewellery is another example of something you can do to keep your loved ones close to your heart so they are with you at all times.

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