How Long Does it Take to Get My Wedding Invitations?

How long does it take to get your wedding invitations from me? It’s a question I get frequently when I book a client. And it’s not always an easy question to answer. But below is a outline of my process from design to invitations in your hands.

Design Turnaround Time

The design process can take anywhere from a couple of days or weeks depending on how quickly you respond to our emails back and forth. By the time you get your designs, you have filled out the form I sent to gather all the info from you. But if that information in incomplete, make sure to get everything to me as soon as possible. Also, if anything has changed, from colors to time of ceremony, let me know that immediately.

PRO TIP: Have your guest list complete by this time. I’ve had invitations wait weeks to go out to print because we’re waiting on that finalized guest list. Have that done as soon as you see your designs if not sooner.

Print Time

Standard wedding invitation packages take approximately a week for printing and their journey to my home (or yours if that is something we worked out). But with upgrades, more time is needed.

If we’re doing foiling or any sort of die-cut to your invitations, plan on around 2 weeks for turnaround. If you’ve added anything like pockets or ribbon or vellum…something that takes assembly time on my end, add a couple more days.

If you are rushed to get these into your hands, the main thing to do is to communicate that. Rush printing and shipping is available from my print shop and we can use it. My assembler has turned around ribbon projects faster than I could have imagined when asked. I do understand life happens for both you and I, but with great communication (and some patience), you’ll have beautiful invitations in your hands to get out to your guests!

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