How I use Dubsado in my Stationery Business

Being organized is a big key when it comes to running a business.

Especially if you’re the ONE person in the business.

A few years ago I switched to a CRM system called Dubsado. At the time, I was using another system to help me with my estimates and invoices, but I wasn’t always happy with what I was getting. Dubsado seemed to have everything, plus I heard from a lot of Dubsado fans that they quickly adapt if things need to be changed.

I believe this is my 4th year with Dubsado and I don’t know how I can stay so organized without it.

Here are 5 ways I use Dubsado for in my stationery business.

5 Ways I use Dubsado in my Stationery Business  |  Dana Osborne Design
  1. Estimates and Invoices
    This was the #1 thing I needed in a software for my business. I need a way to create an estimate for a client based on what they need from me. From there, I need that estimate to automatically turn into an invoice when I book a client.

    Invoices – no problem. But I did have a hiccup at the beginning when it came to estimates. I loved how my old CRM would line item my upgrades out, so my clients could see how much a certain upgrade would cost. Dubsado, at the time, didn’t allow for this.

    But within 6 months, they made upgrades to their system and BOOM…I could now make my estimates look the way I wanted them to.
  2. Contracts
    Before I put my business into a CRM system, I sadly had contracts on a PDF, would need my client to physically sign them and physically somehow get them back to me.

    Dubsado again makes this so easy! My contract is in place and I have different contracts depending on if I’m working with a stationery client or one of my corporate graphic design clients.
  3. Workflows
    I have several workflows I use and the sad thing is, I know Dubsado can do WAY MORE than what I’m using it for currently. The main workflow I use is through my estimates and invoices though.

    Once my client decides they’re on board, they’ll accept their estimate (picking any and all upgrades they want), they’re taken directly to the contract where they digitally sign it, and then they’re taken right to the invoice where it prompts them to pay my deposit.

    Once that’s all complete, I get a notification and they’re sent my email telling them they’re booked. It’s seemless and easy.
  4. Final Proof & Final Payment
    When I’m fully done designing an invitation suite and it’s ready to go to print, I use one of Dubsado’s forms as my Final Proof sign off. Here, they see an image of their invitation suite plus all the details of the suite (paper type, quantity, etc). All my legalese is in there too, reminding them their final sign off is their final okay to print.

    They sign off on the proof and again, is sent to the final invoice to pay. I get notification of all of this via email and we’re off to print. Super easy.
  5. All the Paperwork
    At the end of the month, Dubsado makes it easy for me to go back and view all my invoices I have pending plus current work I need to bill out for. I work with not only stationery clients, but clients I bill hourly. It’s great to see all my invoices in one screen so I can see who I need to bill and who still needs to pay.

    Dubsado also allows me to track expenses so I put in my expenses in under the client. It’s a great and easy way to see the profit for each of my clients for stationery.
How I Use Dubsado in my Stationery Business  |  Dana Osborne Design

There we go! Five quick ways I use Dubsado for my stationery business. If you want to learn more, just send me a message! Have a tip for me? I’d love to hear it. Let me know that as well.

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