Wedding invitations are first impressions

If you’re a new bride or a new bride at heart, most of us remember the first time we met our “other half”.

For me, the setting was all but romantic.  But what can you expect from meeting your future husband at a college party in the garage of a duplex?  Sometimes a good story doesn’t always have a good start.

Regardless of where you met, you both made a first impression and a first impression is something that can’t be undone.  And that is what your wedding invitation is.  You may send out a Save-the-Date, which is always great, but your wedding invitation is the official kick-off to your wedding.  And your invitation can say a lot, and I’m not talking about what is actually printed on the invitation.

wedding invitation dSy invitationsIf your invitation is something similiar to what I designed for Ally, you are letting your guests know that it’s going to be a more formal affair. Black and white are classic colors and very formal colors.  Ally chose to bring in a splash of bright pink, which showed the fun side she wanted to incorporate into her wedding day as well.  Ally’s wedding suite package showed a classic and formal look as well.  She accessorized her invitation with envelope liners, RSVP cards with envelopes, a reception invitation and guest information card with map.

BeckyInviteOn the flip side, when I met with Becky about her invitations, she stressed that they are a low-key couple hoping to have an amazing party for their family and friends at their wedding.  She was incorporating fun, bright colors and wanted something simple and basic.  We created a word art look for her invitation with a basic RSVP postcard included.  The colors as well as the entire invitation package together showed her guests the light-hearted nature of their wedding.

So what will be your first impression to your wedding guests?

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