Custom Stationery + Dubsado. How I Make it Work

Finding the right CRM for your business is challenging. When I was looking for a software to help me manage my clients, estimate, invoice and keep myself organized, it was a task.

Having 90% custom stationery work, makes a lot of platforms hard! I don’t just have three packages for clients to choose from. I can have one package BUT at so many different quantities!

My pricing is quantity driven and I found that to be a pain. Finding the right CRM for this marriage of custom stationery was a challenge.

Working within Dubsado has made this challenge a bit easier. I didn’t know where to start though. I hired Jen Rudd with Grow with Jen to get me started. She helped set up ALL MY PACKAGES.

How many packages?

I have 273 packages in my Dubsado “packages” area. Why so many?

As mentioned earlier, my price is determined by quantity. So if you’re purchasing 50 invitations, that’s one price. 75 invitations…that’s a bit more. And as you order more, that price per invite goes down as my print shops have price breaks on quantity. I pass that along of course.

For example, my standard package is one category I put on estimates. For that one category, I have 9 different packages by quantity.

Standard Package: 50;

Standard Package: 75;

Standard Package: 100,

Standard Package: 125, etc.

Just a snapshot of all my packages in Dubsado

Upgrades are packaged out. One upgrade category is Belly Bands. Packages are Belly Bands: 50; Belly Bands: 75; Belly Bands: 100, etc.

I have A LOT of upgrade options and some I don’t even have in my system yet (I’m looking at you, ribbon).

Was this time consuming? Hell yes. Thus why I hired Jen to help me put this together. Does it make it so easy when it comes to putting together a client estimate? You bet it does.

If you want to see the backside of my Dubsado system, shoot me an email. I’d be more than happy to jump on a call with you and show you how I make it work.

How I make Dubsado work for my custom Stationery business.  CRM System with stationery.

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