COVID Wedding Signs You Need + Free Downloadable Sign

I bet you never thought you’d need a sign about wearing a mask at your wedding.

Nor did I think I’d ever be designing signs about wearing a mask at a wedding.

But here we are in 2020! And COVID wedding signs about health and safety are things I’m designing for almost every wedding. So what signs are needed? Here are a few I’ve done.

Masks are Available

If you’re having a group people at your wedding or reception, it may be required of your guests to wear a mask OR it may be just a safety precaution you want in place. Either way, having masks available are a staple for 2020 weddings.

A simple sign of “Masks are Available” let’s people know they’re open to take and use.

Wanna download this sign? You sure can! Just enter in your email below and you’ll be emailed a free 8″x10″ printable sign!

Sanitizer Signs

Another great health and safety measure 2020 couples are implementing at their wedding is the abundance of hand sanitizer. If that’s sanitizer on each table, for each guest or a sanitizer stand located throughout the reception, sanitizer is the cool thing to have at your reception this year.

And hey, sanitizer can be fun! This little sign was one of my favorites.

Safety Measures Sign

Sometimes it’s just nice to let guests know of ALL the things you had to do to make your wedding a safe place for your guests. So a nice little sign can give them that piece of mind. This one below was my favorite from this gorgeous June 2020 wedding.

If you need a custom sign for your wedding, just shoot me a message and I can create whatever you need for your wedding (covid related or not!)

1 thought on “COVID Wedding Signs You Need + Free Downloadable Sign”

  1. Vanessa Williams

    I love the Safety Measures Sign you have and would love to have 1 or 2 copies for our April wedding. It’s there a way I could order from you? Thank you!

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