Request for Proposal

Collaborating with the Nebraska College Baseball Hall of Fame to craft the request for proposal (RFP) for the relocation of the College Baseball Hall of Fame was an exciting project. With the Hall seeking a new home outside of Texas, the natural fit of Omaha, home to the College World Series, couldn’t be ignored. We embarked on this venture with a clear mission: to showcase Omaha’s rich baseball heritage and pitch it as the perfect destination for the Hall of Fame’s next chapter.

Our approach was to ensure the RFP stood out while maintaining a sense of gravitas. We carefully curated each element to spotlight Omaha’s vibrant community, from its iconic ballpark to the passionate fanbase that fills the stands during the College World Series. Through captivating visuals and compelling narrative, we painted a vivid picture of how the Hall of Fame would thrive in the heart of baseball country.

The process of designing the RFP was akin to crafting a love letter to both Omaha and the sport of college baseball.

We wanted every page to exude the undeniable charm and excitement of Omaha while also articulating our vision for the Hall of Fame’s future. With our beautifully designed RFP in hand, we embarked on a journey to not only showcase Omaha’s potential but to secure its place as the new home of the College Baseball Hall of Fame.

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