Free Downloadable 2019 Wall Calendar

I was approached a few months ago to create a wall calendar for a friend.  She is a wedding planner and likes to look at her year from a birds eye, so she can see the weekends she has weddings, the weeks she is on vacation plus all the other big events of the year.

So I created for her a 24″x36″ 2019 Wall Calendar that she could frame.  With a frame on it, she is able to use dry erase markers to mark the events she has going on.  She printed it herself and I’m sure is already using it.

Free Downloadable 2019 Wall Calendar

What a great idea!  I mean, even for myself, this would be fantastic.  I could see the months ahead of me that are crazy busy as well as the months that may not be filled with weddings, but more “planning” months for me.

So I’ve decided to share this download with everyone!   Just download, take to your local print shop to print (I suggest Office Depot Printing for large, quick prints), find yourself a frame (Ikea has great ones but check your local Hobby Lobby too!) and start marking those important days in 2019!


Click here to download the 2019 Wall Calendar!

free calendar, wall calendar, 2019 wall calendar, free download
free calendar, wall calendar, 2019 wall calendar, free download

Greenery and Pops of Red at Roca Berry Fram

Utilizing greenery into your floral is a wedding trend I’m loving right now.  I think it’s because I don’t know the name of many flowers.  I know I like flowers at weddings, but when I ask a bride what type of florals she’s having, I am really asking what COLOR of flowers she’s having.  Dropping floral names outside of roses, tulips and hydrangeas…I’m lost.dana osborne design wedding invitations

Ashley & Curtis wanted to bring greenery into their wedding day but also onto their wedding invitations.  I knew this couple wanted something different.  I knew their wedding would have a beautiful style all it’s own.  So I was thrilled when we landed on this modern design featuring greenery on their invites.dana osborne design wedding invitation greenery

This couple is what I call one of my “ideal customers.”  Mainly, they trusted me.  They gave me their vision, loved my designs and for things like ceremony programs, they gave me the green light to do what I do. 

dana osborne design wedding couple tree

Their wedding day was what they imagined…a little bit of boho, a little bit of modern and a lot of beautiful.  This cloudy June day at Roca Berry Farm in Roca, Nebraska provided the atmosphere for their intimate and gorgeous wedding.  The photos from Gleason Photography captured the day perfectly.

Ashley + Curtis
June 22, 2018

Ceremony & Reception: Creekside Barn at Roca Berry Farm
Dress: Blush Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: Amazon
Men’s Wear: Men’s Wearhouse
Photographer: Gleason Photography
Wedding Planner: Indigo Wedding & Events
Officiant: Pastor Dustin Lappe
Floral: iBloom
Cake: Goldenrod Pastries
Caterer: Creekside Catering
Rentals: Elite Events Rental and Nostalgia Rentals

couple kiss barn nebraska wedding cake, goldenrod pasteries, dana osborne design, roca berry farm couple greenery chandelier dana Osborne design dana osborne design bouquet greenery greenery chandlier roca berry farm dana osborne design wedding party dana osborne design sparkler exit dana osborne design

roca berry farm, wedding, greenery, nebraska, wedding invitations, invites
roca berry farm, wedding, greenery, cranberry, modern, nebraska, wedding invitations, invites

3 Questions to Ask When Cutting Down Your Guest List

  The wedding guest list.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. It’s the hardest, the most time consuming and challenging part of your wedding planning process.  Where do you start? And the bigger question…where do you end?

I’m sure you have the essentials on your list…(which reminds me, don’t forget to put your parents on your guest list because believe me, they want an invitation)…but where do you draw the line?  Here are three questions to ask yourself when you’re cutting down your guest list.

Cut Down Guest List Dana Osborne Design

1. How many can your venue hold?

The last thing you want at your wedding ceremony and reception, is standing room only.  This is your wedding, not a Justin Timberlake concert.  Make sure you have a seat for everyone you invite.

Let’s say your venue can hold 150 people.  That doesn’t mean you send out 150 invitations (remember, invitations usually are for a couple or family…more than one person).  That also doesn’t mean you send out 125 invitations with hopes that most people will say they’re not coming.  It’s unlikely that 50% of your guests will not come, unless it’s a destination wedding (which is for another blog post).

Here is a good rule of thumb…20% of guests invited will not come to the wedding.  That is a safe number to count on.  So you can send a few more invitations than you have room for knowing that rule of thumb. 

2. When is the last time you talked to this person?

I mean, I’m sure your babysitter who watched you as a four-year-old would be touched to receive a wedding invitation from you.  But when is the last time you actually talked to that person?  And when I say talked, I mean TALKED TO THEM FACE-T0-FACE (not Facebook message or a comment on your latest Instagram post).  If you have not talked to this person in the last year, consider them on the chopping block. 

3. Would you buy a $50 meal for this person?

Hey, sounds brutal but it’s something to keep in mind as you’re cutting down that guest list.  Essentially, inviting them to your wedding means you’re paying for a nice meal for them.  Do you know/love this person enough to invite them to a sit down dinner with you?  Would you have enough to talk over this dinner as well?  If you’re like…meh…not really…consider them on the chopping block.

Ultimately, you want the people who will support you in your marriage at your wedding.  How many people are there and who those people are, are up to you. 

cut down guest list, wedding guest list, dana osborne design
cut down guest list, wedding guest list, dana osborne design

Intimate Colorado Destination Wedding With Class

I love a couple who knows what they want. And the first time I met with Charity to talk about invitations for their September 2 wedding in Colorado, I got that vibe. She knew what she want, she was confident in what she wanted, but when we met, she was a bit panicked.

Charity & Dan were planning a destination wedding in Denver, Colorado. With destination weddings, it’s always good to get your invitations out a bit earlier than the two month before wedding day timeline I go by. And when we met in April, I gave her the 100% piece of mind that I wasn’t worried about getting these invitations in the mail a bit earlier.

To My Wife Card Dana Osborne Design

Enter in a beautiful invitation for a beautiful wedding. Again, Charity knew what she wanted so we gold foil pressed into a double thick black cardstock. Oh yes…black cardstock. Double thick. This designer’s heart was fluttering in excitement. We paired the suite with white cardstock using the same beautiful script font throughout.

black gold foil wedding invitation, denver colorado wedding, dana osborne design

We also created some very fun and unique pieces. Dan is Jewish and Charity is not, so their ceremony program was a booklet that explained all the details of the Jewish ceremony they were having. What a great idea for Charity’s family who could understand each section of the ceremony.

Booklet Ceremony Program Jewish Wedding Dana Osborne Design

Since it was a destination wedding, it’s always fun to add a few custom pieces for your guests to traveled, including a gift bag and welcome card in their hotel room and a list of weekend events.

Two of my favorite pieces were cards we designed for the couple to give to each other and other family members the day of the wedding as well as vow booklets for the couple to write their vows in.

To My Husband Wedding Card Dana Osborne Design

The photos from the wedding are some of my favorite. Especially this one:

Denver Colorado Wedding Dana Osborne Design

The look in their eyes…you can’t hide love sometimes.

Charity + Dan
September 2, 2018

Ceremony & Reception: Private Residence in Cheery Creek, Colorado
Dress: Emma & Grace
Men’s Wear: Custom Suit
Photographer: Krissy Blackband Photography
Videographer: Alpine Tree Films
Wedding Planner: First Look Events
Floral & Event Design: Alexan Events
Dessert: Krispy Kreme & Mother of the Bride
Caterer: Mountain Crust Pizza
Rentals: Alexan Events and Colorado Party Rentals
Hair & Makeup: Heidi Rosenbluth

His Hers Vows Booklet Dana Osborne Design Denver Colorado Private Residence Wedding Dana Osborne Design Wedding Decor Greenery Outdoor Wedding Dana Osborne Design Denver Colorado Outdoor Wedding Dana Osborne Design Wedding Ceremony Outdoor Denver Colorado Dana Osborne Design Outdoor Denver Colorado Wedding Dana Osborne Design White Bouquet Roses Denver Colorado Wedding Dana Osborne Design Prosecco Pong Sign Outdoor Wedding Game Dana Osborne Design Charity & Dan Denver Coloraod Wedding Dana Osborne Design Jewish Wedding Dana Osborne Design Dance Floor First Dance Dana Osborne Design Sparkler Exit Denver Colorado Dana Osborne Design

Luckiest Couple Creates Perfect Lincoln Wedding

When I rebranded last year, I wanted to do something big to celebrate. I threw around a few ideas but I couldn’t pass one that kept jumping out at me. I’ve never done it before, but if I were going to, this was the time.

Enter in my Biggest Giveaway Ever where I gave away one invitation suite for free. One hundred percent no strings attached free. Of course I made couples apply and jump through a few hoops (including the groom sending in a video about why his fiancé is “the one’) . Only a few couples made it through all the hoops and out of a random draw, Mary Beth and Josh ended up my winners.

Blush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold wedding

And man, did I have fun with this contest and designing for these two. I’m pretty sure Mary Beth and I chatted for 2 hours when we first met…if not more. I just loved their soft, blush, traditional style they were creating for their wedding day. She was so on-point for what is hot right now, yet they had their own look which I loved.

Blush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold wedding

We designed wedding invitations with a traditional layout using a calligraphy inspired font. Blush was the main color on these and we brought that in to the envelope as well as hints throughout the invitation pieces. Throw in a few gold foil table numbers and signs and this couple pieced together a perfect wedding.

gold foil table numbers, table numbers, gold, Blush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold wedding

Congrats to my lucky couple and thank you for letting me design for your wedding day. I hope the “luck” continues throughout your marriage!

Mary Beth + Josh

July 21, 2018

Ceremony: St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Lincoln
Reception: The Country Club of Lincoln
Dress: Ready or Knot
Men’s Wear: Mr. Tuxedo
Photographer: Ben Ramos
Floral: Petals to Platinum
Cake: Cindy’s Cakes
Transportation: Tailored Dreams
Hair: Emily Huttes, H Salon & Day Spa, Hickman
Makeup: Flawless Makeup by Katie Keister

Blush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold wedding Blush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold wedding Blush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold weddingBlush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold wedding gold foil table numbers, table numbers, gold, Blush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold wedding seating chart, gold foil table numbers, table numbers, gold, Blush wedding invitations, classic wedding invitations, calligraphy wedding invitation, blush and gold wedding

lincoln, nebraska, church, wedding, classic, blush, gold, lincoln country club

3 Things to Consider When Wording Your Wedding Invitation

How do I word my wedding invitation?  There are a few things to keep in mind.

You know your need your name on it, right?  Your wedding invitation.  Is there anything else?  I mean, it can’t be that hard, can it?

It’s trickier than you may think.  In fact, it’s one of the most common questions I get.  So here three things to consider when wording your wedding invitation.

wording wedding invitations, wedding invitation verbiage, wedding invitation names, dana osborne design, printing invitaitons

1. Are your parents being included on the wedding invitation?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents were the ONLY parents on a wedding invitation.  Today, more and more couples are adding the groom’s parents to the invite.  Why?  Traditionally, the bride’s parents were the only people paying for the wedding thus, it was their invitation to their daughter’s wedding (aka to their party they are throwing).  More and more groom’s parents are putting their financial stake into the wedding and thus, getting props on the invite.

So parent’s names are all about who is paying?  Well, yes and no.  Traditionally, yes.  But lots of wedding traditions get thrown out the door today.  Many couples are paying for their own wedding.  And if that’s the case, parents’ names are not needed on the wedding invitation.  Having parents’ names on a wedding invitation is also a great way to recognize the parents, paying or not.

2. Do I need to include my middle name?

How you want your name on your wedding invitation can be tricky as well.  But you have a few options, so let’s narrow this now.

You can have just your first names:

Jennifer and John

This is simple and to the point.  A warning with this though: if you do not have parents names on your wedding invitation, make sure you have your last name SOMEWHERE within your wedding invitation suite (think details card or even return address on the envelope).  Will everyone know who Jennifer and John are?  For smaller weddings, probably yes.  Larger weddings, lean on the side of no.

Include middle names:

Jennifer Ann and John William

To be a bit more formal, add middle names.  These are your given names at birth and being a momentous event in your life, it’s nice to break those out again.  But consider the same rule above about last names.

Include last names:

Jennifer Ann Johnson and John William Scott

This is a formal and well-known way to have your names on a wedding invitation.  Again, we’re being a bit more formal with the middle names involved.  Plus, having your last names gets rid of any confusion of who these people are, regardless of having your parents names or not on the invite.

3. What other information do guests need?

Give your guests the essential information for your wedding.  Simple?  Sometimes.  The little things are easy to overlook. Such as the time of your wedding.  It’s one of those small details you may get 100 phone calls about if you don’t put it on your invitation.  Also, give people the address of the wedding venue.  The address can be on the invitation itself or the details card, whatever you feel fits better for your design.


That should give you a basic start on wording your wedding invitation.  Check out  my other blog posts for wording information as well!


wedding invitation wording, verbiage, parents wedding invitation, how to word invitation
wedding invitation wording, verbiage, parents wedding invitation, how to word invitation


How to Work at Home Efficiently

Think you can work from home?  Here are a few things to keep in mind.

“You work from home? I bet that’s nice.”

It’s something I hear a lot.  And I’m not going to lie: it is nice. My commute (after taking the kids to the bus/school) is literally 15 seconds down our basement steps.  I can control my own thermostat and take breaks to walk around the house to pull weeds whenever I want.

That being said, I believe working from home isn’t for everyone.

My husband worked renovating an old house when he was between careers for a few months.  He worked from home with me (which was interesting within itself).  There would be days I’d come home from a meeting and he’d be on the couch.  “Resting” apparently.  Or “taking a break”.  Regardless, it ticked me off.  I always feel I can be working or doing something for my business to make it better, more efficient or to help it grow.  No time for naps (okay, I did one time when I was pregnant…I was growing a human being, people!  I was tired!)

Working from home for the past eight years, I’ve learned a lot.  So here is a few tips on how I’ve learned to work efficiently from home.

Turn off the TV

When I started working from home, I would have the TV on in the background just for noise.  I soon learned that at times, this noise would suck me in.  “What?  Rachael Ray has a low carb blueberry muffin recipe?  I better watch.”

I learned to just turn it off.  In fact, the TV never is turned on in our house in the morning.  I work streaming Pandora just about every day.  And at times, silence is welcome as well.

Dishwasher & chores are for lunch time only

I don’t do chores when I’m in “work time”.  My work time is when I get home from taking the kids to school until 4 p.m.  Chores such as unloading the dishwasher, picking up stuff around the house, gardening, getting the mail, etc is left for my “lunch hour”.  It’s easy to get sucked into those things and they can very easily take hours away from your week. 

My only exception is laundry.  I do put clothes in and out of the washer & dryer during the day.  Folding is left until the evening though.

Get up early, get dressed and get to work

Just like I did before I worked from home, I get up early to workout, get home, shower and eat breakfast all before the kids are awake.  After that, I get them ready and off to school.  Just as if I were going to a “normal” office job (or job-job as I call it), I’m 100% ready for the day and for work early in the morning.

I believe this is very important for being efficient at work.  If you’re dressed in PJs and not showered, you’re going to act like you’re in PJs and not showered.  I remember my 7th grade math teacher pointing this out.  On a dress up day for Homecoming week, we all sat in math class wearing nice clothes…dresses, ties, etc  He made mention on how better behaved we were that day.  And it’s true.  “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”  That theory applies here as well.

Don’t leave the house every day

If I have meetings during the week, I try to block schedule myself.  Block scheduling means putting things like meetings and appointments outside of the house all on one day.  That way, you’re not constantly interrupting yourself on getting work done with travel to a meeting, the meeting and travel home.  Just an hour meeting can take two hours if you count in travel time, getting their early, etc. 

Sometimes, this can be easier said than done depending on your clients, but it’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.

But do leave your computer every few hours

It’s easy to get sucked into a project.  There are time I wonder where the morning went (my stomach usually reminds me it’s lunch time). Make sure you’re walking away from your computer a few times during the day.  This is good for your body and mind (especially your creativity!). If you’re like me and this is hard to do, set an alarm on your phone to remind  you to MOVE.  Walk around your office, around your house or let the dog out for some fresh air.  The time away from a screen is  beneficial!

Do you think you can work from home?  Being a mom of three, the benefits of working from home and for myself outweigh not.  It’s just figuring out how to manage my time to make it work efficiently for me.

work at home, work from home, home office, entrepreneur tips
work at home, work from home, home office, entrepreneur tips

Greenery + Berries in a Nebraska Winter Wedding

I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me this long to put together a blog on this fabulous couple. Not only because I feel their wedding was so long ago (yes, like 10 months ago), but more because Jocie and I have talked, emailed and texted so many times since their wedding day that it’s unlike any other bride I’ve worked with.

But first, their wedding invitations.

When I met with Jocie I could tell right off the bat she was one of those brides who knew what she wanted, she just needed someone to put her ideas into motion. And those are my favorite brides. Greenery was #1 on her list. Lots of greenery. But the one element she always had to make sure I put on everything is berries. The berries that would pop throughout the greenery on her wedding day were small, but very important. I wonder how many times she had to email me, “don’t forget to put berries on it.”

We came up with these amazing invitations that showcased the greenery that was at their wedding. And berries. Of course the berries. We wrapped the invites with a light grey belly band with their monogram front and center on top of that. We kept it classic with an off-white envelope as well.

And the wedding day items…I love when I get to help with these fun pieces. We did a bar sign, bathroom signs, no cell phone sign, gift bag tags and my favorite…custom cards for her bridesmaids and her new groom who loves to mow. I mean, this man really loves to mow.

The icing on top of the cake for this amazing couple’s wedding is that they were featured on the cover of Wedding Essentials magazine. One would have thought I was on the cover when I saw it and squealed in joy. Check out WE’s magazine online.

Like I mentioned, Jocie and I have shared a few texts since January. One being the news that they are expecting! And no kidding, I think I was the third person to know as she needed some custom cards to surprise her family with the news. I’m looking forward to meeting Baby Kobes soon!

Jocie + Owen
January 20, 2018

Ceremony: St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church

Reception: Founders One Nine

Dress: Ready or Knot

Suits: Tip Top Tux

Photographer: Brett Brooner

Videographer: Tyler Johnson

Floral: Creating Atmosphere

Cake: Cake Creations

Transportation: Nebraska Party Bus

Wedding Coordinator: Creating Atmosphere & Pop, Fizz, Clink Events

winter, nebraska, wedding, founders one nine, greenery, burgundy, wedding invitations
winter, nebraska, wedding, founders one nine, greenery, burgundy, wedding invitations

Designing Save the Dates with Photos

Creating Save the Dates with engagement photos is one of my favorite things to design.

I love seeing a couple’s style and personality come through in a photo.  If that’s a professionally shot engagement photo or even a candid one, couples pick photos because they like how they look in it and it shows who they are as a couple.

I recorded myself designing a Save the Date a few months ago to see it all come together.  Even though I didn’t have the groom’s name at the time (it’s Irby…I got it in there for the final print), I was excited when Taylor & Michael picked this Save the Date design out of the three I designed for them. 

3 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Guest List

It’s the most painful part of wedding planning: the guest list.  I mean, where do you start?  How many people can we invite? Where do you draw the line?

Before you even open that Google doc to type in your uncle’s address, consider these 3 things before your start.

1. How many people can your venue hold?

Seems easy enough, right?  But many times people over invite thinking some of their guests won’t show up and you’ll fill the venue perfectly. But what if that cousin in Ohio decides they want a little vacation for her family of 8 and your wedding is a great getaway? Things happen.

Find out the max capacity of your venue and stick with that number at first.  If your list grows past that, consider the 80/20 rule.  80% of your guest list will come; 20% will decline. 

2. Who’s wedding is this?

What do you mean, it’s ours, right? Yes, kinda.  There are some people who raised you (*cough cough* your parents) and they may have a list of their own.  Keep in mind, if you have parents that are contributing financially to your wedding, it’s best if they can invite people they want to invite.  Even if they’re not, be considerate of your parents and their own lists.

3. Openly communicate with your fiancé on who you’re inviting

If you want to invite your second cousin who you haven’t seen in 10 years, be ready for your fiance to want to invite his second cousin who he hasn’t seen in 15 years.  Have an open discussion with your significant other on who you want at your wedding.  Is this going to be the biggest party the city has ever seen?  Or do you want something more intimate with family and close friends? Understand the vibe you want before deciding who to invite.

Wedding Guest List, guest list, Dana Osborne Design, wedding invitations, custom wedding invitation, invitation designer
3 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Guest List, Wedding Guest List, Dana Osborne Design
3 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Guest List, Wedding Guest List