Best Wedding Invitations in Nebraska

Nebraska Wedding Day Magazine brought together the best wedding vendors in the state in early August. Their “Best of” Contest happens each year and this year, it was even sweeter as we gathered IN PERSON to celebrate.

Just to be nominated…

I was lucky enough to be nominated in the category of Best Wedding Invitations in Nebraska. The evening was beyond gorgeous. From the event production by Rachel J Events to the delicious food by Attitude on Food, this event was meant for people in the wedding industry.

And I was HONORED to have been picked as the winner of Best Wedding Invitations! Talk about a moment full of happiness, relief, joy and humbleness. But pride is the word that stands out to me the most when receiving this award. I’m proud of myself, my business and my clients who I get to work with. Sometimes, this is a thankless job. Sometimes, it’s full of thanks and tears and hugs. Either way, I don’t think I would change a thing.

Thank You!

So thank you to the people who voted for me, Nebraska Wedding Day magazine for this honor and to the other vendors who work so hard in the wedding industry in Nebraska. Thanks to my family of course too who put up with crazy wedding seasons, late nights, occasional freakouts and couples ringing the doorbell picking up gorgeous paper.

Support the Industry

Also, a little plug from a former Advertising major. I often get asked if I advertise in NWD magazine. My answer has been YES for the last 5 years. Do I get bookings from advertising? I have. But more than that is the brand awareness it brings and the fact that I want to support the wedding industry in Nebraska.

NWD Magazine exists to bring information to couples getting married. They want to showcase and elevate the wedding market in Nebraska. That is big and doesn’t happen in every market. We, as wedding vendors, should support that. Has NWD helped elevate my brand? Yes. Do I want to be aligned with the other vendors that were at that event last month? You bet. So I’m happy to advertise in this great magazine.

all photos by Laura Elizabeth Photography

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