Are Wedding Invitations Important?

Are wedding invitations important? C’mon…we’re living in a digital world. Can’t you just text guests the information?

Do you want to hear more comments I’ve heard when it comes to NOT having wedding invitations? Like they’re just paper? And people will just throw them away?

I’ve heard them all. Here are three reasons why your wedding invitations ARE important and why you should invest in this small detail for your wedding.

Three Reasons Why Wedding Invitations Are Important

Do I need wedding invitations? The answer is yes...and here are three reasons why they're important.

It sets the tone of your wedding day

Envision this: You get two invitations in the mail. One has an address in a beautiful script font with a gold wax seal on the outside. Opening it, you see the shine of gold foil as you undo the silk white ribbon. There are multiple beautiful cards giving you information for the wedding as if you’re the VIP of the day.

The second is in a thin envelope with a clear label on the front. You wonder if it’s an invitation to your neighborhood block party. After opening it, there is a front and back card, printed on a flimsy paper. You clip it to your fridge.

Which experience seems more delightful? Now think of your guests opening your wedding invitation and what they will expect for your wedding from the two different examples above. Give them something to be excited about. They’re more likely to attend if they’re excited.

It gives them important information

This one is simple enough. All those details you’re working on? Your guests need to know some of that stuff. You want them to show up on time, get to the reception on time, book a hotel if they want to, etc. Maybe you even need to know what they’d like to eat that evening at dinner. Wedding invitations allow you to communicate all this information to your guests effectively.

It’s the beginning of your guest experience

It’s been engraved into your head (hopefully) that you need to send a thank you note to someone who gave you a wedding gift. Courtesy, right?

Same with inviting a guest to a wedding. They should have an invitation formally inviting them to your wedding. They are “invited” as your “guest” to this big day. Treat them as a guest from start to finish. At the start, an invitation giving them all the information and sets the tone of your wedding day. And at the end, those thank you notes you know to send.

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