A Complete List of Wedding Day Items for your Big Day

As much as I love designing wedding invitations, designing the wedding day items could actually be my favorite part. Items like ceremony programs are common but it’s the really unique pieces that get my heart going.

What are wedding day items? The list is somewhat endless but I did my best to put together a list of wedding day items we can create for your wedding day.

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1. Ceremony Programs

This is the most common wedding day item that couples need. If it’s the traditional wedding program that is handed out OR the program board, tell people what’s going on at the ceremony.


2. Menus

Menus are placed at each place setting to tell people what is on the menu for the reception dinner. Doing a duo plated meal or buffet? A menu is still a great place to tell people what the food is OR treat the menu as a thank you to guests. Write a note of thanks and appreciate here instead of food!


3. Place Cards

If you’re seating wedding guests at the reception, you’ll either need place cards or a seating chart (or both). Place cards have the guest name, table number and entree selection (if needed).


4. Seating Chart

Much like the place card, a seating chart tells your guests where to sit. Seating charts can be a fun design element to your wedding reception so think outside the box on some fun ways to list guest names. Names are either listed by table or alphabetically.


5. Welcome Sign

If your guests are coming from your ceremony to a new venue for the reception, greet them with a welcome sign to confirm they’re in the right location. I love creating signs on foamboard, but acrylic and mirrors are popular right now as well!


6. Custom Signs

The list is endless for the category of custom signs, so I did just group everything considered a sign here. To break this down even more, think of:

  1. Hashtag Signs
  2. Bar Menus
  3. Signature Drink Signs
  4. Guest Book Sign
  5. In Memory Sign
  6. Favor Sign
  7. Bathroom Signs (for special toiletries you have out for guests)
  8. Thank You Signs

7. Koozies

Get ’em for the party bus or for all your guests if you’re having cans of beverages at your reception. It’s also a great wedding favor as well!

8. Napkins

I remember going to weddings when I was a kid and one of the things that always popped out to me was the personalized napkins at the wedding (was I a paper nerd then too? Possibly…). The foiling was always so pretty and you just had to grab one with the cake.

They’re back. Napkins are popular once again and are a fun addition to your cake table or bar!

9. Table Numbers

Table numbers are my absolute favorite touch to a wedding reception table. They accent your centerpieces as well as serves as a function. From paper to tiles to mirrors, table numbers can be a little detail that matters.


10. Wedding Favors

A list of possible wedding favors are for another post, but whatever you’re considering, make sure to personalize it. If it’s just adding a sticker or little card with each favor, putting your touch on it makes a world of difference.

11. Guest Bag Items

If you’re leaving a goodie bag for out of town guests staying for your wedding, make sure to personalize your items. I’ve create custom labels, itineraries, welcome cards, champagne labels, etc. Again, the list is endless.

12. Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are more of an “after-wedding” detail, but get them on your list so you don’t forget. Thank you cards can be ordered before your wedding even gets here so you are ready to go after wedding day. Wanna use your wedding photos on your thank yous? You bet! Just make sure to communicate with your photographer that you’d love to see just a few photos early to get those in production.

12. Specialty Items

What the heck are specialty items for wedding day? In a nut-shell, just about ANYTHING you want to have with your names, monogram, etc on them. I’ve created golf balls, cups, vinyl decals, parents gifts, etc. Have a crazy great idea? Then let’s talk.

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