5 Myths about Wedding Stationery

I’m breaking down 5 myths surrounding wedding stationery. I love breaking rules when it comes to wedding invitations, so this is an ideal post for me. And I’ve always said this…I love me a good traditional invitation. But if you don’t want that, then don’t do that! Here are 5 things that “people” tell you that you need to do with your wedding stationery, that just isn’t true.

1. The wedding invitation should be formal

Sure. If your wedding is a formal affair. But if it’s not, then it’s time to shy away from this rule. In fact, a good casual and fun invitation may be what you need to tell your guests that your wedding will be just that….casual and fun. My favorite invitation that I designed years ago had the words “cake and booze” on the invitation. How formal is that? But it fit this couple well.

2. Make sure to use salutations on the envelope when addressing

Mr. and Mrs. John Smith looks super nice written gorgeous on a wedding invitation envelope. But again, is your wedding not a formal affair? Would John Smith laugh if he saw it addressed to him that way, knowing that’s not how you roll? Then keep the formal titles (salutations) off the envelopes. An envelope addressed to John and Sally Smith will get there the same and doesn’t mean the wedding isn’t as amazing if addressed with salutations.

3. You need to send a Save the Date

Being a paper person in the wedding world, I would love it if this statement were true. But it’s not. A Save the Date isn’t a necessity to send before your wedding. In fact, Save the Dates only started to appear in the mid 2000s. Now, if your wedding is on a busy weekend (think holiday weekend) or if your guests may need to travel far, a Save the Date is a good idea. But if you’re on the fence, use that money and do something a little more amazing with your invitations.

Save the Dates are great but not 100% necessary. If you’re on the fence, opt no on these and put that money towards something to upgrade with your invitations.

4. You need to have a mail back RSVP

Now, this statement has been thrown into the “myth” category only recently. The rise of wedding websites and online RSVP has gained a lot of steam in the last few years. You don’t NEED to have a mail back card for your guests. But consider your guest list before making that choice. Will a majority (I’m talking 85% or more) of your guests know what to do with instructions to RSVP online? Will most of your guests benefit from having something to mail back? Do you think online only will reduce the chance of your guests replying at all? Those are all good questions to consider when making that decision. The one thing I have learned over the years is to keep the RSVP card it’s own card. Do not put RSVP information on the details card or invitation itself. It will get lost. So keep a separate card for the RSVP info, if it’s mail back or not.

5. All guests should get a plus one

False. If you have a guest who is not married or dating anyone serious, you do not have to grant that person a plus one to your wedding. I’m going to throw that into the category of having to invite kids to your wedding (also false). You are inviting people you want to be at your wedding. If Uncle Joe isn’t married, isn’t dating anyone and you don’t want his recent fling to be at your wedding, then don’t give him a plus one. People can come to a wedding solo.

I love breaking wedding etiquette and tradition with invitations, so let me know if you have any questions when it comes to your wedding when we’re putting together your invitations!

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