3 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

It’s all in the details.

And I love those little details. Think about it…no other event like your wedding will happen again. You. Your fiance. That day. That venue. This is truly a one-time event. So why wouldn’t you put a little of your touch on things?

Here are three ways you can personalize your wedding so the day is truly all about you.

Custom Monogram

Creating a monogram for your wedding is one of my favorite ways to “brand” your wedding (I truly hate using that word for weddings, but you get my point). Monograms are your letters, in whatever way you want, to create an overall theme that is used throughout your wedding.

Monograms can consist of the letters of your first name, the letters of your first names plus the first letter of your joining last name (if you’re doing that) or the first letter of the joining last name (again, if you’re doing that). One thing I keep in mind about monograms is if they spell something or indicate another abbreviation (initials like BS or DJ can easily be switched to SB or JD so it doesn’t imply something else).

Incorporate Your Pets

It’s a trend I’ve seen for years and I don’t see it going anywhere. Many couples share a pet and that pet is a loved member of the family. So why not incorporate them into your wedding somehow? Even if they can’t be there physically, it’s fun to incorporate them into your wedding.

My favorite and most popular is through signature drink signs. Get with your caterer and have the bar create a specialty drink at your wedding reception and name it after your pet(s).

Pets also look good on items like matchboxes and cocktail napkins. I mean, who can pass up a napkin with a sketch of your beloved cat on it?

Couple Fun Facts

Give your guests a look at your relationship through fun facts. Creating the fun facts is a great thing to do with your fiance, and sharing them with your guests is even more fun.

A favorite place for fun facts for me is on the ceremony program. While guests are waiting before the actual wedding ceremony, putting fun facts in the wedding program gives them something to read. Another great place is at the reception, either on cocktail napkins or make them part of the table setting. Think table numbers. Wouldn’t it be fun to sit at the table named after the first place you met (reminder: actual numbers aren’t mandatory!)

I’d love to hear what else you’ve seen to personalize weddings!

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