3 Tips to Help You Choose Quality Wedding Vendors

You’re planning the most important day of your lives. You’re putting in a lot of time and a lot of money to make sure your wedding day is the one you’ve dreamed of.

So how do you possibly choose a photographer you can trust? What about a florist? I mean, they can’t make your bouquet 8 months in advance when you meet with them. How do you know they’ll create exactly what you’ll love? And what about a DJ? That person is going to make or break your reception…how do you choose the right business?

Choosing the right wedding vendors can be overwhelming, so I have 3 tips that will guide you in making an informed decision when picking the right vendors for your wedding day.

  1. Do Your Online Research
    We’re in the beautiful age of online information where you can find anything online at any time. Use it to your advantage. If you’re narrowing in on a few wedding vendors in a certain category, go online and stalk the heck out of them!

    Do they have a website? If not, be a little cautious. Why would I say that? Most stable, legitimate businesses will (or should) have a website. Not just a Facebook page. It takes money and time to set up a website. It’s an investment. And if someone is investing in their business, that’s a better indication of a stable business vs. someone who creates a free Facebook page overnight.
  2. Ask Your Newly Married Friends
    Friends who just got married have been in the trenches and are more than likely happy to tell you about their wedding planning experience. Plus, they have first hand information if they liked a vendor or not.

    Ask friends specifically about vendors they liked, didn’t like and who they all met with before they picked who they used. Ask them why they liked someone and what their biggest regret was in choosing a wedding vendor.

    Also, take this information with a grain of salt. Everyone has different tastes, different budgets and different priorities when it comes to where their money is going for their wedding. What they liked may not be exactly what you like. And you also don’t want a carbon copy of your friend’s wedding
  3. Ask Other Wedding Vendors
    Did you finally book your photographer? Great…ask them who they recommend for other vendors. As a wedding vendor, we work with so many other vendors on other weddings. We know many other vendors personally and can tell you who are some people we enjoy.

    So don’t be afraid to reach out to vendors you’ve already booked and ask them who they’d recommend in other vendor categories. I always recommend at least three vendors when asked who I recommend. That way, you can do your research and find which one fits your personality and budget.

I’d love to hear from other couples and wedding vendors when it comes to your tips on finding good quality wedding vendors in your area! Comment below!

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