3 Things to Remember with Your Wedding Guest List in Excel or Sheets

The best upgrade you can add to your wedding invitation suite is envelope printing. Printing on your envelopes makes your life easier because you’re getting envelopes back from me, looking amazing, with no writing to do.

But before I can print on your envelopes, I need your guest list in a Microsoft Excel document or Google Sheets. And even then, I can get some guest lists that are not quite right.

So here are 3 things to do with your wedding guest list before submitting them for printing.

  1. Salutations Column
    Wedding invitations are a piece of formal mail your guests will receive. The formality of it means adding a salutation to your guests’ names (i.e. Mr. and Mrs./Miss/Ms. etc). If you want a salutation on your envelopes, add a column for it on your Sheet. Without this column, no salutations will be included.
  2. Address in it’s own column
    Many times I’ll receive a column that looks like this:
    555 Evergreen Drive, Omaha, NE 68133

    If it has it’s own line on an envelope, I need it to have it’s own column on your Sheet. So break that down to a column for address, a column for City, a column for State and a column for Zip Code.
  3. If you want it spelled out, then spell it out
    When we’re using a beautiful script font on your envelopes, the word “Nebraska” always looks WAY better than “NE”. In fact, it’s more formal to spell out names of states for wedding invitation envelopes anyways.

    Same goes for things like Avenue, Street, Boulevard and this one I love…Post Office Box. Oh ya…nothing says formal like seeing an address that says Post Office Box 54 vs. P.O. Box 54. So if you want it spelled out, spell it out in your Sheet.

Envelope printing is a great upgrade and to make the most out of it, make sure to have your address Sheet in great shape before you submit it for envelope printing!

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  1. Thank you so much for helping us understand how to use Excel! I just finished uploading all of my information into Excel for my wedding! I really appreciate this blog, thanks again 🙂

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