3 Things to Include on your Save the Dates

Love ’em or not, Save the Dates are apart of our wedding fabric. They not only announce your wedding date but it gives your guests a heads up to make travel plans if they need to. You want guests to put your wedding date on their calendar so they don’t plan anything else on that day.

I absolutely love designing Save the Dates, so I wanted to share the 3 basic things you need to include on your Save the Dates.

3 Things to Include on your Save the Dates

  1. Your Wedding Date (duh)
    Of course you don’t wanna forget about the most important part of your Save the Date…the date. If you write out the date in numbers (10.10.2020), I also like to put the date written out in another location (October 10, 2020) just to connect the dots between the two.

    Another great tip is to point out if your wedding is not on a Saturday. Friday and Sunday weddings are rising in popularity, so if you’re on one of those days, it’s not a bad idea to point that out (Friday, October 9, 2020).
  2. Your Full Names (first + last)
    I love using photos of couples on their Save the Dates, but sometimes photos don’t give a great shot of the face of the groom and/or bride. And will your dad’s boss know who “Katie & Joe” are? Possibly not. So make sure somewhere you’re including both of your last names. If that’s on the Save the Date or the return address on the envelope, last names are important
  3. Your Wedding Website
    If you’re doing a wedding website, get it in good enough shape that you can include it on your Save the Date. That way, if you have guests that need to travel, they can start to figure out their travel plans (hotels, airports, etc). You can stuff a lot of info on your website when it comes time to include it on your wedding invitations as well. But get the basics on there and include that URL on your Save the Dates.

One more bonus tip

…when it comes to using photos on your Save the Dates…make sure to include at least one photo that shows the face of both people. If you have a photo of the groom looking at the bride and the bride looking at the camera in your main photo, find another photo to use on the back of the card where the groom is looking at the camera. It helps for recognition and hey, a groom’s mama is gonna wanna see her baby’s face on this piece too, promise 🙂

All in all, if the thought of doing your Save the Date overwhelms you, then shoot me an email and we’ll get them designed and in your hands super quick. Get that first paper item checked off your list!

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