3 Additions to Your Invitations that will Wow Your Guests

You can’t beat a nice wedding invitation in the mail. Typically you have the invitation itself, a details card, the RSVP card and the envelope it goes in. I’ve done so many pieces with just these four elements and they looked amazing. But, if you really want to step it up a bit…if you REALLY want to wow your guests, consider these three additions to your wedding invitation package that will have your guests texting you “OMG” as soon as they open it.


Foiling is a finishing technique where heat, pressure and glossy UV are used to bind a thin film of metal (foil) to paper or card. Foiling can be done in all sorts of colors. Popular colors of foiling for wedding invitations are gold, silver, rose gold and copper (which are all colors I offer). And what foiling mainly does is elevate the look of your wedding invitations. Just a touch of metallic gives your invitation a shine as well as an upscale look.

I always recommend foiling if you’re bringing in any sort of metallic color into your wedding style. If someone’s wedding style and colors centers around gold, for instance, I almost mandate using gold foiling to get the true look they want.


Your invitations should be created with just as much thought and care as any other aspect of your wedding. Think of them as a “gift” to your guests. And gifts usually come by untying a beautiful ribbon.

My favorite ribbon to use for wedding invitations is silk ribbon. Silk has a delicate and elegant look to it and allows for different types of tying as well as for wax seals incorporated with it. French knots and bow are the two ribbon ties I tend to do with silk ribbon and both give the invitation package a finishing touch.

One thing to consider when adding ribbon in your wedding invitation package is the bulk it’ll create in the envelope. This will put your postage in a higher rate, but in my opinion, totally worth it.

Wax Seals

Wax seals are seen as a classic touch to wedding invitations. They were super popular with older wedding invitations and have recently made a comeback as a must have with your invitation package. Wax seals are not only classy, but they’re fun. Wax comes in a variety of colors, so you can coordinate your wax seal with your wedding style.

With all my wax seal additions is a custom sealer. We will design the stamp you want to press into the wax. Custom monograms or images are perfect for this!

Creating the wax seals are a little time consuming, but in my opinion, a nice brainless activity to do. Another option that I tend to use is wax seal stickers. These are mailable adhesive on the back of real wax seals. So with a peel and stick…they’re ready to go.

These are just a few additions to wedding invitations that will take your invite package to the next level. These additions are not only available with custom invitations, but add any of these to my semi-custom invites as well to make them more customized to your wedding style.

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