2023 Wedding Color Trends

If you’re planning a 2023, you’re already in the deep when it comes to reaching out to vendors and making plans. One of the most important decisions you need to make before reaching out is your wedding style. What color palatte are you going to go with? Are you using color at all? Or are you going bold?

This is my list of the top wedding color trends of 2023. This is from the couples I’ve been talking to in the Midwest as well as some trend setters from 2021 and 2022.

Garden Party

What’s garden party for weddings in 2023? That’s an array of beautiful floral tones, either pastels or white and neutrals, paired with a light base color like light blue or a light mauve. Think running around in an English garden (I mean, who doesn’t think about things like that?).

For invitations, this means bringing in soft tones, beautiful script fonts and textures like frayed silk ribbon or letterpress. We’re talking soft, elegant and oh-so beautiful.

Slate Blue + Color

This color combo I’m seeing more and more as I talk to 2023 couples. Slate blue or slate gray is a great base color to pair with pops of bright bright colors. And bright colors are making their way back onto the wedding scene (see ya later blush pink).

What does this mean for wedding invitations? It means really bringing in those pops of colors in certain areas. If that’s through florals on the invitation itself or keeping things simple but adding pops of color with an envelope liner, this trend is something I can get behind. With bright colors, we can be more playful with script fonts as well.

Classic Neutral

Black and white is probably a trend that will never die for wedding trends, but this one is a little more than just your basic black and white. This is keeping those neutral tones but going modern. And staying classic? How is that even possible.

Through things like wedding invitations. We can keep things classic with black on white but add in a modern touch like san serif fonts, right or left justification and very minimal if no script text. Geometric patterns are also a fun pop of texture for this trend.

Hello Pink

You’re going to love or not love this trend, but hot pink and fuchsia pink are back. It’s the hottest color for 2023 weddings and we’re popping in pink wherever we can. Beautiful and bold is what comes to mind when thinking about this trend.

For invitations, we have to embrace this color and that could be with pink envelopes, ribbon or even hot pink paper with white ink printing. This color also leans a little more fun, so we’ll keep those churchy script fonts at home and bring in a bit more playful or loose calligraphy inspired fonts.

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