2022 Wedding Color Trends

If you’re planning a 2022, you’re already in the deep when it comes to reaching out to vendors and making plans. One of the most important decisions you need to make before reaching out is your wedding style. What color palatte are you going to go with? Are you using color at all? Or are you going bold?

This is my list of the top wedding color trends of 2022. This is from the couples I’ve been talking to in the Midwest as well as some trend setters from 2020 and 2021.

2022 Wedding Color Trends

No Color

Wait, what? No color is the first wedding color trend? It doesn’t really make sense but I’ve had a handful of couples tell me they “don’t really have a color” when it comes to their wedding. At that point, I know exactly what they mean. We’re going neutrals and natural. No one color is going to dominate the space and they’re really using the “space” or venue, to speak their style.

For wedding invitations, this could mean black and white invitations. Or bringing in gold foil for a bit of class to the invitation. I also love bringing in any neutral color such as a light gray, soft blue or sand.

Check out these past weddings for a touch of the “no color” trend:

Britttany & Zach’s Wedding

Aimee & Justin’s Wedding

Amber & Tyler’s Wedding


Again, this isn’t a color, Dana! It’s not a “color” but just utilizing greenery (aka GREEN) is a big trend still in the Midwest. Think: no flowers. Just lots of greenery.

For wedding invitations, I love bringing in greenery on the invitation itself. If that’s just a touch or a lot everywhere, a watercolor greenery print on the invitation is classy and beautiful.

Check out these past weddings for all the greenery you can handle:

Alexandria & Brad’s Wedding

Ashley & Curtis’s Wedding

Black & White

Black and white is simple and classic. And there is SO MUCH you can do with it. Throw in greenery, throw in a touch of blush, gold…you name it. Keep it super traditional or make it modern…this color combo opens itself up to so much creativity.

For wedding invitations, I love keeping things simple. I love white space and black on white invitations lend itself to that style. Or if you want to go modern, it’s a great way to keep things simple without going over the edge with the modern vibe.

Check out these weddings with a black and white color combo:

Mallory & Zach’s Wedding

Hannah & Joey’s Wedding

Hannah & Michael’s Wedding

Classic Navy

I’m seeing this trend more and more. Not black and white, but navy and white. It’s like you want to be simple with the black and white, but you need a LITTLE color. And something different…so use navy instead of black.

Really want to blow minds, mix navy and black. Whoa. Is that legal? Of course it is! I love that color combination of using mixed dark colors together to create a classic and elegant tone.

For wedding invitations, I love substituting black for navy wording color on and invitation. Navy envelopes are a great punch of color too that stand out in the mail. Pair some gold foil with the navy and you have classic to the core.

Check out these weddings that have a touch of navy:

Katie & Paul’s Wedding

Grace & Gus’s Wedding (blog coming soon)

Dark & Moody

It’s back again for this year’s color trends. Dark and moody is still alive and well and this year, I’ve been seeing a lot more black + burgundy tones being used. Again, using a black paper for invitations with gold or white ink (or both) is a beautiful combo to set the mood.

Check out these dark weddings:

Kaitlyn & Paxton’s Wedding

Jill & Nathan’s Wedding

Kaitlyn & Ethan’s Wedding

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