2021 Wedding Color Trends

This is one of my favorite blog posts to do every year – the wedding color trends for 2021! Last year I would say my color trends were right on of what I was seeing from a majority of my Midwest couples.

This year’s colors aren’t MUCH different, but I have a few new ones in there that I got a peek of last year. Plus I have one color trend I’ve heard from a few of my 2021 couples and I also did a styled shoot with these colors a few months back.

So here we go, my 2021 wedding color trends!

2021 Wedding Color Trends
Black and White Classic and Timeless Wedding Colors
Dana Osborne Design
Wedding Invitations

Classic Black and White

I can not stop seeing couples come to me wanting something classic, elegant and timeless. They want black and white and bring in all the gold and we got ourselves something beautiful. I literally can not get enough of it! I of course had to add it to my list this year.

If you need more, check out these weddings I blogged about who incorporated this look. You do not want to miss their timeless styles.

Mallory & Zach’s August 2020 Wedding

Taylor & Angel’s August 2020 Wedding

Callie & Dalton’s July 2020 Wedding

2021 Wedding Color Trends
Mauve, pink & blush Wedding Invitations
Dana Osborne Design

Mauves & Pinks

It was one on my list last year and I know I’m going to see more of it for 2021. And even more for 2021, we’re going to see more of other muted tones with mauve. So think not so much blush and gold, but mauve, grays and sage working all together beautifully.

These weddings from incorporated this wedding color trend so check them out:

Molly & Nick’s June 2020 wedding

Lauryn & Ben’s June 2020 wedding

Hannah & Joe’s August 2019 wedding

2021 Wedding Color Trends
Dark and Moody, Black & Burgundy Wedding Invitations
Dana Osborne Design

Dark & Burgundy

Black wedding invitations are something that has been gaining so much traction in the past year. And I’m going to see more and more in 2021. I love black invitations with a classic black and white style, but I love seeing them incorporate other dark and moody tones like burgundy and forest green.

Check out Jill & Nathan’s 2019 wedding that I blogged about last year who kicked off this trend for me. And watch for my future blog about Kaitlin & Paxton who made these colors amazing in 2020.

Sage & Terracotta

Last but not least is a color trend that I know will come across my desk in 2021. Muted sage, terracotta and burnt orange working together to create a natural and organic look is hot. I’ve been seeing this trend come alive (of course on the coasts) for the last year plus, but I finally get to see a few couples embrace this in the Midwest.

Watch for my future blog on a styled shoot I designed for where these colors came to life.

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