Shawna + Russ | Omaha, NE | dSy invitations wedding

I recently blogged about an Omaha couple (Megan & Ross) who had a beautiful church/city style wedding.  It was elegant and beautiful.  The same time I was blogging on Megan I got an email from Shawna, a bride who got married this past Fall.  And I couldn’t help but just laugh to myself and was reassured why I love doing what I do.

Shawna and Russ’s fall wedding at Platte River State park was everything opposite of the church/city style wedding I was blogging about.  And the thing is, they were both for the same purpose but their styles were both so unique.  It’s awesome how two different couples can have completely different looks but the end result is always the same (marriage).  And from my perspective, there is nothing better than having such a broad spectrum to design for.

And Shawna and Russ gave me no limitations.  In fact, they challenged my creativity and made me go to limits I don’t usually get with wedding invitations.  I mean, who uses the word “booze” on their wedding invitations?  These guys do!  Which is brilliant because it goes with who this couple is.  From the first time I met them, I knew this was going to be fun.  Shawna and Russ were laid back, chill and just wanting something sweet to send out to guests.

And we did that with some Save the Date magnets that boldly said their names and location.  That’s about it.  And their invites…definitely a talking piece at wedding shows I’m currently doing.  We printed their skinny invites on craft paper and backed it with a dark brown, wood grain textured paper.  Their RSVP was simple (if you were replying yes to coming) and their guest information card made sure to tell their guests there was no skinny dipping in the pond nearby.   We also did Thank You cards which showcased their great photos from the day.

I’m not sure if I’ll find another couple quite like this.  If I do, I’m going back to these invites to remind myself that for today’s weddings, anything goes.

Congrats, Shawna & Russ.  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Shawna + Russ
September 20, 2014

Ceremony & Reception: Platte River State Park
Photographer: Royce Studio
Invitations & Stationary: dSy invitations

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Andrea + Dan | Omaha Wedding | dSy wedding

There are great couples and there are nice couples.  And then there is Dan and Andrea who take that to a whole other level.  From the moment I met them, I was excited about their wedding.  As if I were invited or was standing up for them…I was just looking forward to being a part of their big day.  They just beamed excitement.  Or maybe that was love.  Whatever it was, I knew this couple was one-of-a-kind.

This couple (and I will use the word couple in this blog post, because I worked with both bride and groom on this one which is my favorite) knew what they wanted from the beginning.  They wanted to visually show exactly who they were….fun, romantic…and wanting to just have a great time with their friends and family on their wedding day.  We accomplished that.

Andrea and Dan’s style was floral romantic and we used a watercolor image of a floral wreath on their invite, as well as their monogram in the center.  This, along with a pink, coral and green color base, was our staple and was brought out throughout each piece. The belly band wrapped invitations showed off their monogram as well and Andrea and Dan loved the icon based timeline I created for their guest information card.  In fact, I’ve reused this timeline a lot for other couples.  We also created ceremony programs (which included fun facts about the couple) and thank you cards as well.

Such a great couple and I loved working with them.  There is no doubt in my mind that “forever” is a definite with these two.  Congrats…wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Check out Dan and Andrea’s wedding video here.  You won’t regret it.

Andrea + Dan
May 24, 2014

Ceremony: Holland Performing Arts Center
Reception: Tip Top Ballroom
Photographer: Christine McGuigan Photography (view blog here…more great photos!)
Florist: Flowers for Special Occasions
Dress: Bridal Traditions
Cake: Lorraine Aurther
DJ: Jamie Stinson
Invitations & Stationary: dSy invitations


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Expanding to Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

ExpandingMany of you may have seen the announcement, but in case you missed it, dSy invitations will be expanding our market to include Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Iowa City, Iowa!  My family and I are moving to this part of Iowa and I will be expanding my business of custom designed wedding invitations to Eastern Iowa.

What does that mean for Nebraska brides?  No change!  I will still be designing for brides in the Omaha/Lincoln area as well as the entire state.  First consultations can still be face-to-face as well as over the phone or via Skype.  And most former dSy couples can tell you that after the first meeting, everything is done over email and phone anyways so I am not worried about continuing to bring awesome wedding invites to this area.

I feel this is a great opportunity for me and my business as I’ll be able to meet with even more couples and be able to create one-of-a-kind invitations for weddings.  And now, that’s in Iowa and Nebraska!

 What’s On The Press? 

dSy invitations is wrapping up all details for June and July brides and I have started designs for Fall 2014 brides!  I have a classic, great-looking pocket invitation I’m assembling today for an August bride as well as wrapping up final designs for a September bride (and a 2013 dSy bride’s sister!).  I’m looking forward to hearing from some Winter 2014 couples here soon.  And of course, I’m also looking to be at some bridal shows in the Des Moines/Iowa City area this fall.

Have a great day!

Save the Dates ~ When Do I Send Those?

Save the Dates are a great way to not only announce your engagement, but to let people know that they will be invited to your wedding (thus save the date to come to our big day).  I frequently get the question:

 When Do I Send My Save the Dates? 

There are few things to consider before I give couples a definite answer.

First, if you are having a destination wedding, you will want to send your Save the Dates around 1 year to 9 months in advance.  With destination weddings, if you want your guests to truly come, you need to give them time to plan.  This is a vacation for your guests as well so they will need to get things in place before jumping on a plane to help you celebrate.  It’s a great idea to put your wedding website on your Save the Date as well.  This will allow them to gather more information on accommodations and flights.

If you’re not doing a destination wedding, typically six months prior to your wedding is a great guideline.  If you have a lot of people coming from out of town, you may want to bump that up a bit more to 7 or 8 months prior.  Your wedding may not be a destination wedding in your eyes, but from someone who needs to travel a long way to get there, it is.

dSy invitation offers three different types of Save the Dates.  Here is a list as well as some information on each:

1. PostcardDanaSQ

The postcard Save the Date is the most cost effective and easy.  Postcards take only a postcard stamp to send, which is less than a regular stamp.  Check here for current stamp prices. Postcards are 4.25″x6″ in size (max for postcard stamps) and are printed on the front and back, allowing for some fun designs or photos.

The downside to postcards is that they get a bit beat up in their journey through the USPS.  Postcards can also get lost being stuck inside magazines or newspapers, but that can happen with any piece of mail.

2. Card with Envelope

The card with envelope is just like a postcard, but it gives your card a nice carrying case to be delivered to your guests without the worry of what the USPS will do to it.  The envelope also allows you to print on the back side of the Save the Date and not have to save room for your guests’ addresses.

The Save the Date with envelope is the middle of the road price wise as because of the envelope, you’re paying a bit more than the postcard.

StheD_Niki3. Magnet

Magnets are a popular and fun way to send your Save the Date.  Magnets can be any size, from a business card size to 5″x7″.  Guests receive your Save the Date and can stick them right on their fridge, so they can see it every day.  Magnets a one sided print and come with an envelope to mail it in.

Magnets are super popular, but the cost comes with it too.  Check out pricing for Save the Date Magnets from dSy invitations.

Save the Dates are fun and popular.  If you’re considering Save the Dates, contact us and we’ll help you create something perfect to announce your wedding!


It’s busy season!


Most wedding vendors hit busy season for weddings…well, when there are actually weddings going on.  But for me, it’s now.  Currently, I’m finishing up designing for May couples and couples getting married the beginning of June are starting to see the first initial designs.  Up next, the handful remaining for the rest of June.

What have I seen so far?  Great stuff!  We have a invitation at the Print Shop right now that is a six piece pocket invitation.  Gorgeous silver and purple printed on metallic paper.  I can’t wait to show off Steffany’s May 24th wedding invitation.  And a last minute couple (and I love those) just signed on for an invitation wrapped in lace.  I can’t wait!  Most of these couples are local, Omaha or Lincoln couples, but I’ve been hearing from couples all over Nebraska.

What’s next?  I have Liz’s peacock inspired metallic skinny invitation up next as well as Pilar’s tangerine punch, which fits her perfectly.  I will be sharing my April 26th couple’s invites soon!  Check back for a sneak preview.