Megan + Nathan | Fremont, Nebraska | dSy invitations wedding

“I really like that one, but could you…”

I hear that once in awhile during a invitation consultation.  I tell all couples when we meet and I’m pulling out my bins of invitations, that none of the invitations I’m going to show them are exactly their style. That’s what’s great about custom invitations.  You can create whatever you want to match your wedding style.

But Megan saw one of my previous invitations (which I also blogged about) and it was in her wheelhouse.  We changed the colors to match the light purple and gray color scheme she was going with as well as changing up the floral arrangement designs.  What we came up with…something that was close to the previous invitation, but something truly their own.

For Megan and Nathan’s wedding, I designed these gorgeous invitations with guest information timeline (love this!) that were wrapped in a monogrammed belly band.  We also designed coordinating ceremony programs which were on hand when this gorgeous bride walked down the aisle this past May.

Thank you to Megan and Nathan for letting me design for your wedding day.  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!

Megan + Nathan
May 21, 2016

Ceremony: First Lutheran Church, Fremont, Nebraska
Reception: Fremont Golf Club
Wedding Planner: Holly Strudthoff
Photographer: Becky Novacek Photography  (check out her blog on Megan & Nathan’s big day)
Dress: Ready or Knot
Tuxes: Tip Top Tux
Florist: Avant Garden
Cake: Cupcake Island
DJ: DJ Dustin Papa
Hair & Makeup: Jenn Hadaway
Invitations & Stationary: dSy invitations

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Shawna + Russ | Omaha, NE | dSy invitations wedding

I recently blogged about an Omaha couple (Megan & Ross) who had a beautiful church/city style wedding.  It was elegant and beautiful.  The same time I was blogging on Megan I got an email from Shawna, a bride who got married this past Fall.  And I couldn’t help but just laugh to myself and was reassured why I love doing what I do.

Shawna and Russ’s fall wedding at Platte River State park was everything opposite of the church/city style wedding I was blogging about.  And the thing is, they were both for the same purpose but their styles were both so unique.  It’s awesome how two different couples can have completely different looks but the end result is always the same (marriage).  And from my perspective, there is nothing better than having such a broad spectrum to design for.

And Shawna and Russ gave me no limitations.  In fact, they challenged my creativity and made me go to limits I don’t usually get with wedding invitations.  I mean, who uses the word “booze” on their wedding invitations?  These guys do!  Which is brilliant because it goes with who this couple is.  From the first time I met them, I knew this was going to be fun.  Shawna and Russ were laid back, chill and just wanting something sweet to send out to guests.

And we did that with some Save the Date magnets that boldly said their names and location.  That’s about it.  And their invites…definitely a talking piece at wedding shows I’m currently doing.  We printed their skinny invites on craft paper and backed it with a dark brown, wood grain textured paper.  Their RSVP was simple (if you were replying yes to coming) and their guest information card made sure to tell their guests there was no skinny dipping in the pond nearby.   We also did Thank You cards which showcased their great photos from the day.

I’m not sure if I’ll find another couple quite like this.  If I do, I’m going back to these invites to remind myself that for today’s weddings, anything goes.

Congrats, Shawna & Russ.  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Shawna + Russ
September 20, 2014

Ceremony & Reception: Platte River State Park
Photographer: Royce Studio
Invitations & Stationary: dSy invitations

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It’s busy season!


Most wedding vendors hit busy season for weddings…well, when there are actually weddings going on.  But for me, it’s now.  Currently, I’m finishing up designing for May couples and couples getting married the beginning of June are starting to see the first initial designs.  Up next, the handful remaining for the rest of June.

What have I seen so far?  Great stuff!  We have a invitation at the Print Shop right now that is a six piece pocket invitation.  Gorgeous silver and purple printed on metallic paper.  I can’t wait to show off Steffany’s May 24th wedding invitation.  And a last minute couple (and I love those) just signed on for an invitation wrapped in lace.  I can’t wait!  Most of these couples are local, Omaha or Lincoln couples, but I’ve been hearing from couples all over Nebraska.

What’s next?  I have Liz’s peacock inspired metallic skinny invitation up next as well as Pilar’s tangerine punch, which fits her perfectly.  I will be sharing my April 26th couple’s invites soon!  Check back for a sneak preview.


dSy invitations in Midlands Business Journal

Locally in Omaha, the Midlands Business Journal is a great publication to see information about anything business.  From new hires, to new businesses to what is going on, I’ve always picked up the MBJ to get in the know.

So I was super thrilled when I got contacted by the MBJ about their weddings section in the January publication.  And at the time, I didn’t know the extent of what this was going to be.  They asked me to answer some questions (check), they asked me to send in my headshot (check) and I was done.

A few weeks later I get a phone call about getting my photo taken for the article.  I was confused because I did send in my headshot. What else would they want?  Well, this is what they wanted:

Midlands Business Journal

Whoa!  Like an actual newspaper article!  I was beyond excited to see this and love that I can talk about wedding invitations and help brides come up with something truly unique for their wedding day.

Thanks to the Midlands Business Journal for this great exposure!  I will post the entire article soon.

Wedding invitations are first impressions

If you’re a new bride or a new bride at heart, most of us remember the first time we met our “other half”.

For me, the setting was all but romantic.  But what can you expect from meeting your future husband at a college party in the garage of a duplex?  Sometimes a good story doesn’t always have a good start.

Regardless of where you met, you both made a first impression and a first impression is something that can’t be undone.  And that is what your wedding invitation is.  You may send out a Save-the-Date, which is always great, but your wedding invitation is the official kick-off to your wedding.  And your invitation can say a lot, and I’m not talking about what is actually printed on the invitation.

wedding invitation dSy invitationsIf your invitation is something similiar to what I designed for Ally, you are letting your guests know that it’s going to be a more formal affair. Black and white are classic colors and very formal colors.  Ally chose to bring in a splash of bright pink, which showed the fun side she wanted to incorporate into her wedding day as well.  Ally’s wedding suite package showed a classic and formal look as well.  She accessorized her invitation with envelope liners, RSVP cards with envelopes, a reception invitation and guest information card with map.

BeckyInviteOn the flip side, when I met with Becky about her invitations, she stressed that they are a low-key couple hoping to have an amazing party for their family and friends at their wedding.  She was incorporating fun, bright colors and wanted something simple and basic.  We created a word art look for her invitation with a basic RSVP postcard included.  The colors as well as the entire invitation package together showed her guests the light-hearted nature of their wedding.

So what will be your first impression to your wedding guests?