What to expect when you hire an invitation designer

You finally got the ring from the person you know as your best friend. You’re in 100% wedding planning mode.  You have booked the venues and have already thought about the day you try on wedding dresses (what am I kidding…you’ve thought about that day your entire life!).  You check back on your Wedding Pinterest board and realize you need to separate that into distinct planning sections (dress, cake, decor, etc).  And as you browse Pinterest almost daily, you realize…I need someone to help me with some of this stuff.

Does that sound like you?  If so, you’re the perfect bride to hire a designer like myself.  You know what you want.  You know your style.  You can make decisions once you see the amazing options in front of you.  That’s you.  And if that’s you, you’re the couple I want to work with.

I get so lucky to work with so many great brides and grooms over the 10 years I’ve been working with client and couples.  And there are a few traits of these couples that make things easy.  Our expectations align.  So I wanted to jot those down to my easy list of :

What to expect when you hire an invitation designer:

1. Trust me.  Easier said then done, right?  I mean, you have your binder and timeline and shouldn’t we be staring to design my invitations for my November wedding in April?  I mean, that’s what the timeline says!

Slow down.  I got ya.  And that’s trust.  I will make sure your invitations are in your hands before you need to put them in the mail (which is usually 2 months before your wedding day, unless we talked differently).  I would lie to you if I didn’t sweat some timelines myself.  But then that’s on me and I’ll rush ship or print things to get them into your hands in time.  I promise or I’ll make it right some other way.

2. Let me show you some new things. Pinterest has given us a world of beautiful things at our fingertips.  I get many photos shown to me for inspiration, which I love!  Here’s the thing…some designs aren’t meant for you.  I had a bride once who wanted a monogram like the one she showed me.  Wonderful!  I love monograms.  But her name started with a B, and her future husband’s name started with a J…and I don’t want their wedding invitations to have a monogram on them that also refers to anything that would make your grandma blush. 

So I was able to show her a few different things that would work and she ended up loving our creation even more.  So don’t be afraid to see something different. 

3. Communicate with me.  I say this in my Wedding Invitation Guide I send out to couples when they book with me: be honest with me.  I’m designing for YOU….YOU need to like what I do.  If you don’t like something, tell me.  You are not hurting my feelings. 

I have developed some very thick skin to criticism of my work over the years.  I do not take it to heart.  My heart would hurt more if we get everything printed and done and you tell me you didn’t really love it.  UGH!  Then tell me that before we’re done!  We’ll keep working on everything!

4. We can do anything together.  I’ve gotten this line lately: “So you’re like a one stop shop?”  Uh, yes.  But that sounds bad in marketing so I don’t ever say that.  But I can design anything for your wedding day and I’ll make sure we’re staying consistent on the look and style we created.   I love new ideas so if you have something crazy or unique or just want to know if I can help you with something, let me know!  I’d say 95% of the time I will say COUNT ME IN to your idea.

So those are just a few things to keep in mind when you hire an invitation designer.  Looking back at my points, those are also good points for your upcoming marriage too.  Kinda fun connection, huh?

Kate + Dan | Omaha, Nebraska | dSy invitations wedding

I love a couple who knows what they want.  And when I met with Kate before her October 2015 wedding, I knew I ran into one of those couples.  And when she said GOLD GLITTER, I knew we were a great fit to work together.

Kate and Dan’s style was an art deco inspired look, but Kate didn’t want to go over the top.  And I definitely saw where she wanted to go.  Nothing too “gatsby” but kept that 1920’s look in mind within the design.  And gold glitter band…oh ya.  Pair gold glitter with the navy look she was going for with her wedding day…nothing less than classy.

We designed a standard package on off-white paper, complete with the invitation, guest information card and RSVP postcard.  And of course, that gold glitter belly band.  We also designed their Save the Date postcards and ceremony programs to complete the wedding invitation suite.

I gotta thank this couple for allowing me to make the look of their wedding day come to life through their custom invitations.  Best wishes to this amazing couple!

Kate + Dan
October 16, 2015

Ceremony: St. Patrick Catholic Church
Reception: Tiburon Golf Club
Photographer:  Iwen Exposures
Dress: Schaffer’s Bridal, Scottsdale, AZ
Florist: Mulhall’s
Cake: Whole Foods
DJ: Aaron Roberts
Live Music: Jim Hartnett & Ryan McDonald
Goodies: Vic’s Popcorn
Transportation: Ollie the Trollie
Invitations & Stationary: dSy invitationsKateDan

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Style Watch – Navy & Gold

What’s hot in weddings for 2016? I’m starting to see a trend through the couples I’m meeting with and booking for the upcoming year.  I want to highlight one of my favorite color combos and style trends for 2016.

navygoldwedding1 navygoldwedding2 navygoldwedding3Navy and gold is a common and great wedding style I’m seeing for 2016.  Gold is being incorporated into everything and I love adding gold glitter bands or gold glitter envelope liners to invitation packages.  I have an invitation coming out soon for a couple that incorporates both of those elements.

What are your thoughts on this classic look?  Leave your comment below!